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What’s Ken thinking?

Last post: 16 July 2024

Ken McMaster blogs about the many issues faced by the human services sector in our modern age.

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Talking with Ken features conversations with industry professionals about the past, present and future practices of the domestic violence intervention field.


How do we increase the dosage in our men’s behaviour change programmes?

How do we ensure the learning transfer of our work in programmes continues after the session?


These questions have been central to our thinking over the past forty years. We know that engagement is central to programme outcomes. We know that ideas we share in programme sessions lose their currency quickly after sessions, and many men do ‘time’ with us rather than ‘change work’.

Therefore, we are excited to announce our new programme support app Ake soon to be available to your Service Users on iOS and Android devices tackling these issues by bridging the gap between the group sessions and home.

Find out more about Ake and how it works below.

Welcome to HMA

Providing professional human service work for over 38 years.

HMA is a team of professional human service teachers and practitioners offering blended learning solutions to organisations in the social service sector. We work as trainers, programme developers, supervisors and writers in the area of human service work.

Much of our work occurs in the areas of consultation in criminal justice work, social work with men, family violence prevention training programmes, child protection, the interviewing of children experiencing trauma, abuse issues, and psychological assessment and therapy.

We work across New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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A little about us

Formed in the mid 1990s HMA (Hall McMaster & Associates Limited) developed around the work of Ken McMaster. Ken McMaster has a long history of work in the stopping violence, sex offenders, alcohol and drug, and criminal justice areas.

Our mission statement is ‘Working with Passion and Integrity to bring out the best in people’; a statement that is at the core of our philosophy to life.

Meet the team

Ken McMaster


Suzanne Hall

Registered Psychologist, M.A. (Psychology), B.A., MNZPsS

Joel Porter

BS, MA, PsyD Registered Clinical Psychologist (Australia), Board Certifited Clinical Supervisor (Australia), Registered Clinical Psychologist (NZ –inactive) Memberships: MINT, INEBRIA

Helen Mentha

B.A. (Hons), M.Psych (Clinical), Grad. Cert. Business Administration, Grad. Cert. Professional Writing, M.A.P.S.

Daryl Gregory

B.A. (Maori Studies), ANZASW

Dr Andrew Frost

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Social Work

Mike Cagney

BSW, M.Coun (Distinction). Memberships MANZASW, Approved Family Court Counsellor and Provider DV Programmes

Sam Farmer

Registered Psychologist (NZPsB); Memberships: NZPsS; CPSIG(NZ); BPS; ISCP

Peter Feeney

Film Director, Actor & Teacher

Rob Paramo

MSc (Criminological Psychology), BSc (Hons), Chartered Psychologist (UK Forensic), (AFBPsS), Registered Psychologist, MNZPS, MICJFP

Jo Dennen

B.A., B.L.A.

Alex Shaw

BA (Hons) Film & Television Production

Matt Williams

BTcLn, NCALNE. Memberships MINT

Meet our clients

HMA Clients
HMA Clients