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Thanks for the publicity

I generally keep away from commenting on issues in the media. I am more comfortable with behind the scenes work of creating effective interventions to intervene with family violence and general offending behaviour. However we need to thank Tony Veitch for bringing to the forefront of our awareness that family violence is not just something […]

Do boot camps work? Actually they don’t.

There is little doubt that youth crime is a costly problem for our society. I applaud the debate that is emerging to find workable solutions to what are complex issues. It is easy in the rhetoric of the debates (it is an election year after all) to make strong claims about getting tough on youth […]

We have come a long way

This year the big hand on my life clock moves to one of those auspicious times. I am not saying which one – you will have to guess for yourself. This has got me thinking about a number of issues related to our field of practice, the work we undertake, where we are and where […]

Smacking didn’t hurt me. Or did it?

How many times over the past year have we heard people state that they were smacked as a child and it didn’t hurt them? Over the years I have sat with men in numerous stopping violence programmes and heard this statement spoken. The irony is not lost that we are sitting in a group of […]

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