From Ken’s Desk, March 2010 | HMA

From Ken’s Desk, March 2010

HMA is pleased to launch a fresh look website. After feedback from you, we have made it more user-friendly and accessible. A big thanks to Stuart and the team at Wired Internet Group for their superb work. They have hosted our site for the past six years and have always delivered on time and with great care and skill. Those of us in business know that the best business relationships occur where parties deliver consistently high quality and reliable service or products. That is the reason why at HMA we are fiercely loyal to the people we can trust. Behind us are great people. This includes everyone from accountants, lawyers, and our IT backup people. We also know that in tough business cycles that relying upon those who can trust us to deliver is also important. We are proud to say that HMA has always delivered on projects we have been awarded. We put in that extra effort. We know that at the end of the day, we are often judged by our recent work. To that end we are in the middle of developing blended learning solutions using our new LMS which is based upon the Moodle platform.

This will support a number of projects and allow people who want to access HMA based training to undertake per- and post work, in addition to in-room training. We find that this approach to training really maximises the time given to skills development for our in-room courses.

We will also use this portal for totally online courses and enrolments in public training events. For example you can enrol online for one of the Michael Clark training events around New Zealand during July 2010 go to
Finally a big thanks to those who supported the fundraiser for the two Lyttelton Schools through buying ‘Harbour Kitchens’. We still have copies in stock if you missed out. The photography is stunning.

Published on Thursday, February 25th, 2010, under Announcements

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