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Strength Based Batterer Intervention: A New Paradigm in Ending Family Violence

The field of family violence has always had people who hold strong positions in relation to the lens (frame) that they bring to understanding the issue. As a consequence this also frames intervention. Despite these differences all of us working in the area have the same fundamental purpose in mind: to protect people by stopping […]

Doing parole differently

When you are involved in a field of practice for as long as I have (nearly 30 years – I know I am showing my age), you have the advantage of seeing things come and go. New ideas are tried. Some work. Some don’t. What always sits behind new ideas is trying to get things […]

From Ken’s Desk, April 2010

We are developing a new project capturing the narratives of programme facilitators from New Zealand and Australia who are doing interesting work in areas of working with those who offend (family violence, general offending, sex offending). These stories will be captured and put into a book that HMA Books will publish. If you know someone […]

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