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From Ken’s Desk August 2010

Imagine this. It is 4 April 2010 and you are having a party. As things happen someone at another party said that you had stolen a car (a mistaken belief) so a 17 year old bourbon-fuelled young man arrives with his mates to sort things out. You refuse to let him on to the property […]

“Working With Challenging Clients” seminar gets a great response

In a joint venture between Hall McMaster and Associates (HMA) and the Creative Learning Network (CTN), seminars on ‘Working with challenging clients’ with American speaker, Michael Clark, have been held around the country. Michael is the Director of the Centre for Strength-Based Strategies in Michigan. (Photo: Michael Clark flanked by Suzanne Hall and Ken McMaster, […]

Issuing of Police Safety Orders

Last month we ran a story on the new Police Safety Orders that came into effect on 1 July. These provide the police with additional powers to intervene in family violence call-outs. By the end of the first two weeks, around 74 safety orders have been issued nationally, with eight of them issued in Canterbury […]

Parenting for a Peaceful World by Robin Grille

ISBN 978-1-921004-14-8 May 2005 Lougueville Media: New South Wales “Universal care for children’s emotional health is the key to creating a more peaceful and just global community that lives sustainably, in harmony with its environment”. Robin Grille Robin Grille is an Australian Psychologist and psychotherapist with a long history of work in the fields of […]

Motivational interviewing partnership is born

Many of you will know that staff at HMA have real interest and experience in motivational interviewing. Ken McMaster (one of HMA’s directors) was awarded an ALAC scholarship to attend training at the Addictions Research Foundation in Toronto back in the mid 1980s when the approach was in its infancy alongside the relapse prevention ideas. […]

Another step forward in protecting victims of family violence – Police Safety Orders

From 1 July the New Zealand Police will have additional powers to intervene in family violence call-outs. They will be able to utilise what is known as a ‘Police Safety Order’. Legislation was passed in October 2009 which amends several acts including the Domestic Violence Act 1995. This new legislation gives Police the ability to […]

Celebrating turning up or helping the helpers

Every week throughout New Zealand/Aotearoa, men and women sit in agencies working with men who have been abusive within their families. Think of all those facilitators heading out the door on cold winter nights, off to agencies to run stopping violence programmes. Of course they don’t just turn up. They bring to this endeavour a […]

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