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“Working With Challenging Clients” seminar gets a great response

In a joint venture between Hall McMaster and Associates (HMA) and the Creative Learning Network (CTN), seminars on ‘Working with challenging clients’ with American speaker, Michael Clark, have been held around the country. Michael is the Director of the Centre for Strength-Based Strategies in Michigan.

(Photo: Michael Clark flanked by Suzanne Hall and
Ken McMaster, the two directors of HMA)

In Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington over 200 people attended Michael’s seminars on dealing with motivational strategies and techniques for creating cooperation and assisting in behaviour change. Michael drew on his 20 years experience as a juvenile probation officer and child welfare specialist, consultant, trainer and addictions therapist to provide an entertaining and robust presentation on strength-based strategies.

Michael is an engaging speaker who uses a combination of humour, statistics, real life case studies and group discussion to distinguish the difference between strength based and problem focused services and cover issues such as using true strength based practice to assess clients, amplify their strengths for interventions, lower resistance and identify issues of confidence and change readiness.

Michael is also ran the ‘real colours’ psychometric with the participants, a test that uses temperament theory to help people understand human behaviour, recognize and accept the differences in others and increase empathy and communication. Michael used this training during this seminar and several hours were dedicated to identifying our personal temperaments, strengths and needs and how to use this personal information to work best with people who have differing temperaments and perceptions.

This seminar was aimed at anyone who works with challenging clients. Participants ranged from private practitioners, to probation officers, social workers, drug and alcohol counsellors and members of the police and fire service. All expressed positive feedback about their learning experience and the ongoing impact it will have on their work. As the evaluations show the workshops were a great success. We will continue to look for opportunities to bring people of Michael’s experience and calibre to New Zealand for further seminars.

Published on Friday, July 30th, 2010, under Announcements

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