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‘Effective Interventions with Offenders – Lessons Learned’

Edited by Ken McMaster & David Riley, RRP $34.95Despite the glitch with the recent Christchurch earthquake we are back on track with the release of our most recent publication. We make the argument that interventions with those who offend are a worthy investment for any civil society. To not invest in intervention is to run the risk of maintaining patterns of behaviour that impact significantly upon the wellbeing and safety of our families, neighbourhoods and communities. This book will be of interest to counsellors, psychologists, social workers and policy planners by exploring a range of issue related to the provision of interventions. While there has been discourse that interventions for those who offend wastes valuable time and resource, the thesis of this book is that with the right matching of intervention with the person who has offended, then positive results are possible. This matching of course takes account of timeliness, cultural, programme intensity, learning styles and dosage.


This book has an interesting range of chapters, including:
Part 1: The issues
The changing nature of interventions
Designing effective interventions
Training intervention staff
The right to intervention
Site implementation issues
Supervision – maintaining safety in practice
How do we evaluate if we have got it right?

Part 2: Special populations
Intervention with domestic violence offenders
Interventions with female offenders
Cultural matching in programmes
Youth offenders

To pre-order your copy, e-mail info@hma.co.nz

Published on Wednesday, April 13th, 2011, under Announcements, Learning & development

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