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March in Perth. 35 degree days (every day).Since 2008 we have had a strong working relationship with WA Department of Corrections. We have been involved in the ongoing development of competency for programme intervention staff in both facilitation skills training and training around specific programmes. On this trip we were really privileged to work on three distinct pieces of work: Medium intensity programme training, family violence interventions, and high intensity programme training.

Medium intensity programme training involved us in running eight training days. This was run with Kate Jeffries from Communicare, WA. Communicare is one agency contracted to run the medium intensity program for DCS sites along with Acacia (the private prison in WA). This training had a combination of DCS, Acacia and Communicare staff who will be running the programme.

While in Perth, Ken had the pleasure of sitting in on two sessions of a HMA developed family violence intervention program. Ken has been supervising remotely the pilot of this program for WA Department of Corrections. This has been undertaken remotely by Skype in the main so it was great to observe, then run supervision sessions at the conclusion of the session. Ken appreciated the generosity of both the facilitators and participants to allow him to sit in and participate in the sessions.

The other piece of work we were involved in was training on the new high intensity programme. This has the same basic design of the medium programme but increases the intensity from 53 to 99 sessions. This will replace the Violence Offender Treatment Programme currently being used.

Published on Wednesday, April 13th, 2011, under Announcements, Programme design & development

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