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From Ken’s desk June 2011

The events of 22 February 2011 continue to challenge us here in the Garden City of Christchurch. We are through the immediate rescue and stabilising phase (ensuring people are safe and have shelter, food and warmth). We now move into a very challenging phase of rebuilding Christchurch and working out best how to undertake that. […]

New family violence intervention programmes designed

A goal for many years has been to design a robust and updated programme for family violence interventions that fit the requirements of the Domestic Violence Act (1995). An earlier newsletter (January 2011) reported the bringing together of a group of key thinkers from around the country prior to Christmas 2010 where ideas around content, […]

Family Violence Programme to Better Suit Tasmania’s Needs

HMA has had a strong relationship with Tasmanian Safe At Home project for a number of years. With responsibility for delivering stopping violence interventions coming back to Community Probation Service, HMA was asked to redesign the original programme to meet the challenges of delivering a programme in both urban and more remote areas of Tasmania, […]

‘Effective interventions with offenders: Lessons learned’ out now

Edited by Ken McMaster & David Riley, RRP $34.95In this book we asked contributors to reflect upon their practice and identify lessons learned that can increase the effectiveness and reach of rehabilitation. We believe that despite the attacks upon the notion of investing in rehabilitation, to not do so leave those who have offended little […]

Motivational Interviewing news

Motivational Interviewing has been practiced in New Zealand for decades. Until last week, there were only a handful of people who could provide accurate and objective feedback and coaching to practitioners about their ability and practice development. HMA sponsored the first ever training on the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity skill code (MITI) facilitated by Dr […]

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