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Motivational Interviewing has been practiced in New Zealand for decades. Until last week, there were only a handful of people who could provide accurate and objective feedback and coaching to practitioners about their ability and practice development. HMA sponsored the first ever training on the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity skill code (MITI) facilitated by Dr Denise Ernst from the USA. The workshop took place on 1-3 June at the University of Canterbury. The workshop was attended by a wide range of professionals from all over New Zealand and from Australia. The MITI is the most popular MI fidelity measure utilised in research and clinical supervision around the world. The good news it there are now 15 people in the country who can provide accurate assessment of MI ability and coach clinicians to become more skilful in their MI practice.

Dr Joel Porter is currently running comprehensive two-day workshops based on the Wagner/Ingersoll model of adapting Motivational Interviewing (MI) to a group counselling format.

Various issues and strategies are explored relating to adapting MI to groups, including design and implementation issues as well as tips for group leadership. The three phases of MI groups are explored and each phase practiced. The workshop is for those people who have previous training and practice in MI and an interest in group facilitation.

Dr Porter then travels to both Melbourne and Adelaide from the 4-15 July to run MI training workshops.

In addition to the MI for Groups training, Joel will be running a workshop ‘Introduction to MI’ in Gisborne 25-26 August 2011. This entry level two-day workshop is pitched at those who are interested in learning about this clinical counselling method to help people make decisions about change. It involves the use of empathic listening and other counselling skills to elicit and consolidate a person’s motivation to change. In contrast with methods that rely on directly persuading people into change, MI is based on conveying acceptance and hope with respect for peoples’ individuality and autonomy, thereby providing the professional with the opportunity to skillfully elicit peoples’ own good reasons to change.

In this comprehensive workshop participants will:

• Develop an understanding of the fundamental spirit and approach of MI
• Video Assessment of Simulated Encounters
• Learn and practice component clinical skills of this approach
• Gain experience and confidence through demonstration and practice
• Become familiar with research evidence on the efficacy of this method
• Explore how this approach may be applied in one’s own clinical setting

For further details and an enrolment form, go to e-mail

Published on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011, under Announcements, Motivational Interviewing

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