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New MI DVD in post production

We are excited to have nearly completed post production on our motivational interviewing two-set DVD. We have been fortunate to have captured rich footage of clinicians doing MI along with key thinkers in the field reflecting upon what MI is all about. The DVD has the real advantage of exploring MI across a range of practice fields including: […]

From Ken’s Desk April 2012

It is amazing that we are now at the end of the first quarter of 2012. Since we came back from the Christmas holidays and summer break our HMA training team has: delivered 102 days of in-room training taken 75 flights to destinations as far away as Singapore and Perth, from Auckland to Invercargill sponsored […]

Integrated Practice Framework – NZ Department of Corrections

Just under three years ago a consortium of HMA and Able Training began work on training design for the rollout of the integrated practice framework. This has been one of the biggest changes to practice for the New Zealand community probation service for 10 years. It brings to life is the core purpose of the […]

40 effective facilitation strategies

It is my belief that it is the small things that happen within a group setting that make the difference. Noticing someone, helping a person to realise something not pleasant about themself and save face during the experience, being purposeful and clear about our intentions, all lead to a much better result for the group […]

5 ways to build emotional literacy through using Feeling Face Cards

For many years we have been using these very cool Feeling Face Cards in our group work. We have also been finding ways to integrate their use within the design of programmes, particularly those targeting men. We have found over the years that one of the challenges many men find themselves struggling with is around […]

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