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Motivational Interviewing DVD now available

After many months of hard work our new motivational Interviewing DVD is now available. This 420 minute learning resource provides a starting point in understanding the underlying theory and practice of Motivational Interviewing. This resource includes interviews with accomplished trainers, knowledgeable researchers and skilled practitioners covering a wide range of topics. Along with learning about MI, […]

What are we teaching our sons (and daughters) about being good men?

If I ask a group of men, “Where did you guys learn about how to act as an adult?”, they are likely to answer, “The family.”  They are absolutely correct. What the men don’t often appreciate is how grounded in these earlier experiences their beliefs about men, women, children are. Of course these gendered beliefs […]

Battered man syndrome cuts jail sentence

My eye caught an article by Victoria Robinson in the Sunday Star Times (17 June 2012) about Toa Tuau, 31, who was sentenced to five years and six months in prison for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm in October 2010. His victim was his dad who, from reading the article, had physically abused him, his […]

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