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Accountability based practice – setting up a family conversation

In last week’s blog I talked about the concept of accountability based practice that I used as the basis of my address to the recent Violence Against Women conference in Brisbane. I suggested a number of core questions that accountabilty based conversations might seek an answer to. I want to shift direction slightly and explore […]

Show us the money

Many of you will be acutely aware of the frustrations that we have experienced over the past 18 months trying to settle with our insurers regarding Westpark Towers. Two things happened this week – we finally got agreement around the payout, and secondly the building is now gone. We find ourselves in the interesting position […]

Reducing recidivism rates among young offenders

Current literature around young offenders and recidivism rates has shown that in NZ there is a core group of young offenders that continue to reoffend despite going through the youth justice system. To combat this recidivism rate, in 2010 the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Amendment Bill proposed and implemented changes to the Children, […]

Accountability based practice – What does it look like?

Last week I had the honour of being asked to present at the Violence Against Women Conference: An Inconvenient Reality, in Brisbane. I told the audience that we can be enormously proud of the success we have had in bringing men’s violence against women out from behind closed doors during the past 30 years. Significant […]

Motivational Interviewing e-learning course goes live

We indicated earlier in the year that we had been working on an e-learning Motivational Interviewing course. We are now proud to launch this for practitioners who want to develop their skill sets around motivational interviewing practice. The modules are designed around the HMA e-learn framework: Learn it, Do it, Test it, and form a […]

MI DVD gets great response

We have been mightily pleased with the great response we have had to the new MI DVD we recently launched. We have therefore decided to put more of it online so you can see the quality and richness of the resource. We really appreciate those who have taken the time to provide feedback as this […]

‘Let’s talk…’ Poster/Visual Media Competition

  Living Well (Australia) and 1in6 (USA) are asking for your assisting to promote and contribute to the ‘Let’s talk…’ Poster/Visual Media Competition. The ‘Let’s talk…’ competition invites artists, graphic designers, film makers, anyone, where ever you are in the world, to create a unique and meaningful poster or video that will increase public discussion, […]

CarboNZero – our story

We have been members of the CarboNZero programme for the past five years. Last Thursday we were pleased to host Richard Gordon (Acting CEO Landcare), Landcare CarboNZero team, along with representative from other organisations who had signed up for the programme (fellow believers). I had to give a speech about our journey to carboNZero, what […]

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