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Many of you will be acutely aware of the frustrations that we have experienced over the past 18 months trying to settle with our insurers regarding Westpark Towers. Two things happened this week – we finally got agreement around the payout, and secondly the building is now gone.

We find ourselves in the interesting position of identifying our way forward, now that the dust has settled. We should soon know the true extent of our losses and we think they will be considerable given the investment we made financially.

Of course this is only half of the story. What about the emotional investment; the hopes and dreams of what we were establishing as an upmarket training facility? The technology we had put into the place was designed to be able to capture training events for posting online. Some dreams come true, others don’t. As I say to my children, “If you don’t have dreams they won’t come true”.

Over the next couple of months we will sit back and seriously consider our next steps. The one thing we are sure about is that this experience will not impede our commitment to ‘Working with passion and integrity to bring out the best in people”. The HMA brand is strong and we will continue to deliver high quality design and¬†delivery.

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Published on Wednesday, August 29th, 2012, under What Ken thinks

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