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December Level 2 Motivational Interviewing Course – places still available

Ken McMaster

Building on the latest thinking from Miller and Rollnick, this workshop is open to people who have had previous training and real life practice with MI. In the absence of extended coaching and supervision, attending an intermediate level  MI training is a helpful way to assess your training needs and refine your MI skills.

The focus on the workshop will be working with the material you bring. Individualised consultation and skill development will form part of the workshop. Workshop participants will advance their skill level through cutting edge training exercises.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Assess, evaluate and revise your own personal, individualised MI learning plan
  • Deepen your MI skills including complex reflective listening
  • Elicit and shaping change talk and commitment language
  • Recognise and respond to subtle forms of sustain talk and interpersonal resistance
  • Facilitate development of action plans
  • Combine MI with other modalities of treatment
  • Explore metacognition: Thinking and working more reflectively
  • Engage in coaching and consulting.

Ken has a thirty year history working at the cutting edge of intervention work in human services, including alcohol and drug, family violence, sexual offending and criminal justice.
Ken has worked as a part-time lecturer in Social Work at Canterbury University and is now involved full-time with HMA as manager, writer of materials and principal trainer.
Ken has an extensive publishing record and regularly undertakes conference presentations. Ken has been involved in running Motivational Interviewing training since 1985 with an interview featuring on the latest MI DVD. Ken (as principal trainer for HMA) continues to deliver significant amounts of in-room training as well as online design. During the past 12 months Ken has delivered 1,152 hours of in-room training.

To secure you place for the few places still available click here.

Published on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012, under Announcements

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