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Perth DCS Evaluation Data – looks pretty good to us


What resonated with participants

In an earlier blog I talked about the L&D work we had been delivering in Perth throughout September. This incorporated a range of workshops including:

  • case formulation
  • group work with personality disordered offenders
  • family violence risk assessment
  • family violence intervention skills
  • group work skills for offenders intervention, and
  • engaging offenders in change work.

We combined all of the results across the various training courses which provided us with decent sample size (70 participants in all).

While the test of any learning and development intervention is what staff do back in the worksite, we still undertake level one evaluations to gauge information across several domains:

  • Knowledge of the topic prior to attending
  • Overall rating of the workshop
  • Content and resource quality
  • Learning objective met
  • Material sequence
  • The language used
  • Training facilitation
  • Practical activities and exercises used
  • Resources provided
  • Overall pace

The chart below tells us a lot about how we are building on existing competency and knowledge as well as ensuring that we are not wasting time and valuable resource upon the wrong audience.

Rating of prior knowledge









Obviously we are interested in the overall ratings of the learning experience, remembering these workshops are anything from one day to five days in duration.

We did pretty well









However, we also want to know the specifics across a range of areas, along with verbatim comments.

The details

This was another well received learning experience. We did have a few outliers who didn’t rate us well, and we will take the time to look carefully at these particular evaluations to see if it was a mismatch in terms of the learning experience and the skills the person has, or a personality clash. This is what makes this job interesting.

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Published on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012, under Family violence, Learning & development

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