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3rd International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing

ISMI2013What happens when you put a bunch of people who are passionate about change in a room together? Rich conversations, presentations and enhancing practice, thats what. That was the feel for the two day symposium that HMA hosted in Melbourne recently (ISMI2013). With Dr Stephen Rollnick (co-developer of MI) and Dr Anya Sheftel (adolescent MI exponent) as the main draw cards, peppered with a range of other presenters across a range of topics, we managed to cater to a diverse group of practitioners.

We decided to structure the event by having one-day workshops on the first day where people could work with either Stephen or Anya. The second day comprised a series of keynote addresses with shorter talks around particular areas of MI in action. This truly demonstrated the diversity of MI across practice settings and the interesting ways that MI is being delivered to deal with particular populations.

Over the next month we are going to put the presentations up on our YouTube channel. The first clip is of a presentation by Dr Stephen Rollnick, reflecting upon the newer aspects of MI.  To watch Stephen’s talk click here

Stephen Rollnick PhD is a clinical psychologist and Professor of Healthcare Communication in the Department of Primary Care and Public Health, Cardiff University. He was a practising psychologist in the UK National Health Service for 16 years, and then became a teacher and researcher on the subject of communication.  He has written books on Motivational Interviewing (Miller & Rollnick, 1991; 2001; 2012), Health Behaviour Change (Rollnick, Mason & Butler, 1999) and more recently, Motivational Interviewing in Healthcare (Rollnick, Miller & Butler, 2007). His main interest is in challenging consultations in hospital and primary care settings.  He has published widely in scientific journals and has taught practitioners in many countries and continents.  His current interests include the training of practitioners who treat children with HIV-AIDS in African countries, and the development of software-driven learning programmes for practitioners.  He grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and lives in Cardiff, Wales.

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  1. Sandra Livermore says:

    Thanks for sharing will now share with my collegues and work towards building their skills and motivation to supervise staff and offenders. Looking forwrd to the next installment.

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