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“Will they do it again” (new stock arrived)

Will they do it again cover

We have had renewed interest in this book around risk assessment and management. We decided to do another small print run.

Every day we are bombarded with the reality that people do bad things to each other as well as to themselves. Those of us who work in the human services are increasingly being asked to make judgements about the safety of people we work with. What judgements we make and how we make them, is the focus of this book.

A number of key thinkers have been asked to write about their experience in risk assessment and management and the challenges that this field of practice poses for practitioners.

Topics include:

– From mysticism to science – the changing nature of risk assessment
– Getting the balance right between risk management and intervention
– Suicidal behaviour in young people
– Risk assessment and management in mental health
– Assessing and managing risk in family violence cases
– Psychopathy and prediction of offending
– Changing definitions of rape and implication for risk assessment
– Assessing child sex offenders
– Preparing workers for assessing and managing risk
– Risk estimation system training for child protection workers

This is a timely book as our attention focuses on decisions that affect not just the lives of clients, but also those in the wider community.

Order a copy.


Published on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013, under Announcements, Family violence

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