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The things dads give us


My dad died on Boxing Day eight years ago. The day we buried him next to my mother, was the day I stopped smoking for good. Every Xmas I take time to remember and appreciate all of the gifts that this man, who struggled with bipolar disorder most of his life, gave his family. That is despite having long periods of being unwell. As a dad to young adults myself, I only hope that I can give them half as much as my father gave me.

  1. Back yourself and don’t let others’ judgement diminish you
  2. Do your best and be your best
  3. Treat others well and offer a helping hand to those in need
  4. If you make a commitment, keep it – your integrity is on the line
  5. Work hard and you will get a result
  6. Be prudent around money
  7. Take time to enjoy the outcomes of your labour
  8. Give your kids the best start in life but don’t make it too easy
  9. Love your kids with all your heart (even when they are doing stuff you think is pure dumb)
  10. Be there for your children when the going gets rough (it will at some point along the way)
  11. If you muck up, be the bigger person and admit your mistakes. Try to make good any damage done.

I invite you to consider what your dad gave you and the contribution he made to your life.

Published on Sunday, January 19th, 2014, under What Ken thinks

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