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A resolution approach to family violence

Consider the following scenario: A woman survivor of domestic violence approaches your service seeking assistance. Her son, aged eight, has just completed a children’s program to express/work through the violence experienced and to establish a personal safety plan. The child is both scared of his ‘Dad’ but also worries about him and waivers between wanting […]

Self talk that keeps us stuck

I am currently preparing to run a workshop on motivational interviewing for prison officers who are about to manage a unit for prisoners with mental health issues. In my research I came across a great book chapter by Ronald Murphy on MI (in source below). While the article was on developing motivation in those with […]

App for men who have been sexually abused or sexually assaulted

I am always impressed by the fantastic work that the team at Living Well in Queensland are doing to support men who have been sexually abuse or sexually assaulted. This app, which can be downloaded to a smart phone or iPhone, has information and tools to support mental health and well-being. It includes MP3 mindfulness, relaxation […]

Restorative conferences continue to empower victims

I have always been a strong supporter of restorative processes since the time HMA worked on the design of the original pilot programme for the Ministry of Justice back in 2005. The idea of ‘facing up’ to those that we have hurt is at the heart of the process; it is at the heart of […]

Best practice for family violence intervention

Sit around with a group of family violence practitioners (not those perpetrating violence) and ask them to describe what best practice looks like and you will get a range of responses. Best practice is often from our own experience and therefore is inherently biased. I learnt this early on in my career when I worked […]

Restorative conferences for psychopaths

Imagine putting an offender who has little ability to express empathy and a victim together to talk about the impact of the crime committed. I’m not sure about your initial reaction but mine was: “This runs a real risk of revictimisation.” I was really interested therefore to watch a TED Talk by Daniel Reisel who […]

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