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A lot happening in the Motivational Interviewing space


We are delighted to confirm three exciting professional development opportunities will be held on 4-7 August 2015 by the newly formed MI Oceania, a not for profit group interested in promoting excellence in MI and supporting those interested in this practical communication approach. All events will be held at the Treacy Centre in Parkville, Melbourne.

  • 3 day MINT endorsed TNT (4-6 August 2015). This event is the three day “Train the Trainer” workshop on effective training in MI. Completion of this workshop gives participants the ability to join the Motivational Interviewing Network Of Trainers (MINT), a rich resource of experience, wisdom and networks in the practice, training and research of MI. The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Terri Moyers, Kylie McKenzie and Helen Mentha.
  • 3 day MITI 4 coding workshop run by Denise Ernst (4-6 August 2015). The MITI is a valuable tool for those in research, supervisory and quality assurance roles, as well as a rich resource for clinicians to deepen their understanding and practice of MI.
  • 1 day International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing (7 August 2015) offers a stimulating program of presentations on the applications and future of MI. This program is open to anybody, including those who have not participated in either of the preceding workshops.

Please forward this information to colleagues or networks with an interest in MI. We have worked hard to keep the events as affordable as possible, and we appreciate some will have travel costs on top, so there is no budget for advertising. Any help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!

MINT Endorsed Oceania TNT

We are pleased to announce that the applications for the Oceania TNT are now open!

This event is the first TNT to be held in our region, and with no current plans to hold another within the next 2-5 years we urge you to consider applying if you are passionate about MI and want to join the international community of MINT while this event is in our backyard.

The TNT will be held in Melbourne on 4-6 August 2015 at the Treacy Centre in Parkville.

What’s involved in applying for the TNT?

The process involves a written application, an audio sample of a conversation demonstrating skills in MI and a non refundable fee of US$125. For more information, go to the TNT application though Regonline.

The written application outlines your readiness for the TNT and intentions in sharing MI with others. MINT encourages a “give more than you get” philosophy and we are keen to encourage applicants from all disciplines and areas of practice who feel they can make a valuable contribution in their field. We also encourage members of the Aboriginal, Maori and Islander nations to apply to foster culturally relevant practice in MI.

The audio sample will be coded against the latest version of the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity manual to ensure proficiency in MI. If your sample is in English, this will be the MITI 4.1, which can be downloaded here. If you intend to submit a sample in a language other than English, please contact Denise Ernst about options for having a sample coded at d.b.ernst@att.net.

The combined written application and feedback from the MITI coding will be reviewed by an independent panel of international members of MINT. To ensure an impartial and transparent process, no local members of MINT will be involved in the review process or the selection of successful candidates.

Successful candidates will be eligible to enrol in the TNT. We have worked hard to keep fees to a minimum, with the registration cost of $660 (inc GST). Unsuccessful candidates will receive detailed feedback on their application and areas for improvement for the next application.

What next?

Don’t delay! As this is the first event of its kind in our region, we do not know how quickly the 40 places will fill. We know there is a lot of interest in applying for this event and we would hate you to miss out!

Follow these links for more information:

TNT application

MI Oceania and the MI Oceania August training events

Treacy Centre location details

For questions about the TNT application process or format, contact Helen Mentha at helen@menthaconsulting.com.au.

For questions about registering for the event if you are a successful applicant, contact Ken McMaster at Ken.McMaster@hma.co.nz.

We are excited about these opportunities to grow our local MI community and support each other in practicing, training and researching MI and look forward to seeing you there!

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