Spotlight on the International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing: 7 August 2015


Do you use MI? Have conversations about change in your role? Want to know more?

Go beyond the basics with this stimulating one day program on applications of MI. When we first meet MI, we often meet a user-friendly, accessible method that makes a lot of common sense.

However, the more we play with MI and get to know it’s subtleties, a whole world of possibilities starts to open up. This year we are very fortunate to have keynotes from major contributors to the MI field to present their insights and wisdom, including Denise Ernst (US), Terri Moyers (US) and Allan Zuckoff (US).

The program offers a range of local and international speakers examining MI, it’s application, potential and future. The emphasis is on practical, dynamic and through-provoking program to deepen and extend our ideas about MI and how we can make the most of its potential.

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Published on Friday, May 22nd, 2015, under Announcements, Learning & development, Motivational Interviewing

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