Winner! Outstanding Performance in Carbon Management | HMA

Winner! Outstanding Performance in Carbon Management

Suzi Hall accepting the Outstanding Performance in Carbon management (Small Organisation) Award

At HMA we tend to get around a bit. Given the large amount of work that we do throughout New Zealand and Australia, this is not surprising, but it comes at a cost. That cost being a lot of travel. While our commitment to sustainable growth is a principle that sits behind our company’s aim of ‘Working with passion and integrity to bring out the best in people’, maintaining our position as a good corporate citizen is also important to us. This is why for the last six years we have sought carboNZero certification as one way to contribute to this aim.

This year, as Enviro-Mark Solutions celebrate their first ever Outstanding Performance Awards, we are elated to be recognised for achieving outstanding results against our programme requirements.

Click here to learn more about how HMA has maintained its commitment to a sustainable future by continuing to minimise its carbon footprint.

Published on Friday, June 9th, 2017, under Announcements, What Ken thinks

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