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Our Mission


“Working with passion and integrity to bring out the best in people”
is our mission statement

Suzanne Hall (psychologist) and Ken McMaster (social worker) met during a series of working group sessions amongst services working in the abuse arena. Suzanne was working for child protective services at the time while Ken was managing to community-based organisations, both working with men in the family violence and sex offender area. A logical fit existed in bringing both parts of the jigsaw together. This ensured that the voice of those harmed was not lost in conversations around intervention. This collaboration saw the development of Hall McMaster and Associates (HMA).

We are passionate about leaving a legacy for future generations. Both of us have seen the limitation that abusive practices has on the lives of women, men and children. We firmly believe that abuse has no place in family life. We have therefore dedicated our work to supporting workers, be they psychologists, social workers, or support workers, to be cooked with the best skills possible to engage and partner with individuals and families to break cycles of abuse of practice.

Underneath our mission of “Working with passion and integrity to bring out the best in people” is a set of values that we believe encapsulate what HMA stands for.

We base it around the word RESPECT.