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Our Team

These people are the heart of the HMA team

Ken McMaster


Ken is a director of HMA and has a background in social work. He is best known for his work in the family violence and sex offender field, as well as in contemporary programme design and development. He is principal trainer for HMA.

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Suzanne Hall

Registered Psychologist, M.A. (Psychology), B.A., MNZPsS

Suzanne worked for Child, Youth and Family services for 14 years prior to Hall McMaster & Associates where she has worked since.

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Joel Porter

BS, MA, PsyD Registered Clinical Psychologist (Australia), Board Certifited Clinical Supervisor (Australia), Registered Clinical Psychologist (NZ –inactive) Memberships: MINT, INEBRIA

Joel has worked in a wide range of clinical, academic and professional training settings. His career has focused on working with people to overcome and manage addiction and mental health concerns.  He is committed to sharing knowledge and skills with colleagues to enhance our ability to help others who are reaching out.

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Helen Mentha

B.A. (Hons), M.Psych (Clinical), Grad. Cert. Business Administration, Grad. Cert. Professional Writing, M.A.P.S.

Helen Mentha a clinical psychologist with over 17 years experience in the community and private sectors, and has specialised in working with substance misuse in community and forensic settings, dual diagnosis and the application of Motivational Interviewing to positive behaviour change.  She currently runs Mentha Consulting, providing training, supervision and psychological services.

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Daryl Gregory

B.A. (Maori Studies), ANZASW

Daryl has a background in cultural practice and acts as an adviser to HMA on matters relating to Mäori. In addition to an advisory role, Daryl also runs any cultural related modules that HMA delivers.

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Mike Cagney

BSW, M.Coun (Distinction). Memberships MANZASW, Approved Family Court Counsellor and Provider DV Programmes

Mike has worked for 30 years in domestic violence programmes, community sex offender treatment programmes and statutory child protection work. He has performed the roles of social worker, therapist, team leader, trainer and service manager.

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Sam Farmer

Registered Psychologist (NZPsB); Memberships: NZPsS; CPSIG(NZ); BPS; ISCP

For more than twenty-five years, Sam’s area of excellence is in facilitating personal and professional growth.  Having originally trained as a probation officer and gained his Masters in Forensic Psychology, Sam now practices as a Coaching Psychologist.

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Rob Paramo

MSc (Criminological Psychology), BSc (Hons), Chartered Psychologist (UK Forensic), (AFBPsS), Registered Psychologist, MNZPS, MICJFP

Rob has nearly 20 years experience working with high quality individual and group based interventions for those that have offended sexually and violently. He worked for Her Majesty’s Public Prison Service (UK) for nine years in a range of roles from clinical delivery to national office based clinical support and national training.

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Jo Dennen

B.A., B.L.A.

Jo works as Personal Assistant to the directors of HMA and also looks after all HMA administration.

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Alex Shaw

BA (Hons) Film & Television Production

Alex manages the production of digital media content for HMA.

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Peter Feeney

Film Director, Actor & Teacher

Peter Feeney is an actor, writer, teacher, director and good friend to HMA, having been involved in several of our media projects.

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Matt Williams

BTcLn, NCALNE. Memberships MINT

Matt’s passion is to facilitate the natural learning process of children, young people and adults by providing them with stimulating, relevant learning experiences.

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