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Getting the most out of therapy

It is easy for us in the helping professions to forget what it is like for  people coming to therapy for the first time. I have always believed in the courage it takes to be open with strangers to explore, the often uncomfortable and unpleasant, aspects of our lives. For many people coming to therapy […]

Family violence programmes goes open source

Two years ago HMA brought together representatives of key family violence provider groups from around New Zealand/Aotearoa to talk about what should be included in a contemporary intervention for men who were using abusive practices within their relationship and family/whanau. Despite the disruption of the Christchurch earthquake, we have continued to develop three different programmes […]

Motivational Interviewing in Groups – a new publication on its way

For those who attended the Motivational Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand (March 2012), you will remember the great presentation by Chris Wagner on adapting MI to group interventions. Chris and Karen Ingersoll have edited this unique clinical resource which shows how to infuse the methods and spirit of motivational interviewing (MI) into group-based interventions. The […]

3 day training in Motivational Interviewing – Hong Kong

Want a trip to Hong Kong in January? Dr William Miller is running a New Directions in Motivational Interviewing (2-day workshop) which is focused on the clinical method of Motivational Interviewing for facilitating change. Bill Miller is a renowned psychologist who introduced this method in 1983. The workshop is organized around a new conceptual and teaching model from the […]

Breaking news – Now available Motivational Interviewing 3rd edition – Helping People Change

We are pleased to announce that early next week that we will be receiving the first shipment of the new Motivational Interviewing (3rd Edition) into the HMA Bookshop. We have a number of pre-orders which will be out the door the day we receive them. I suggest that if you want a copy then you […]

Way out West – reflections from WA

When you have the privilege of working with the same team of people over a period of several years, you see practice shifts and change in exciting ways.  This has been our experience in working for the past five years with Department of Corrective Services facilitation staff from throughout Western Australia.  Each time we come […]

50 ways to say no to abusive behaviour within relationships

I have finally found time over the past few weeks to get this new book out the door. My last self-help book, Feeling Angry, Playing Fair is now out of print and I have noticed there is little out there in the way of written practical support for men struggling to overcome abusive practices that have  […]

Christchurch CBD – the destruction before the rebuild

1,300 buildings down in the CBD, 300 more to go. This is the story of the CBD in the garden city. As the photo (taken on Friday 7 September) attests, there is a lot of bare ground within the CBD (lots of empty spaces for carparking, although that will not be required for some time). […]

Three phases to enhance completion of interventions

Completion rates for community based programmes for a range of issues are often low (between 30 – 35% for AoD and community based stopping violence programmes) while completion rates for prison based drug treatment programmes is higher at around 71%. One of the key challenges that exist for any correctional system is to ensure that […]

Accountability based practice – setting up a family conversation

In last week’s blog I talked about the concept of accountability based practice that I used as the basis of my address to the recent Violence Against Women conference in Brisbane. I suggested a number of core questions that accountabilty based conversations might seek an answer to. I want to shift direction slightly and explore […]

Show us the money

Many of you will be acutely aware of the frustrations that we have experienced over the past 18 months trying to settle with our insurers regarding Westpark Towers. Two things happened this week – we finally got agreement around the payout, and secondly the building is now gone. We find ourselves in the interesting position […]

Reducing recidivism rates among young offenders

Current literature around young offenders and recidivism rates has shown that in NZ there is a core group of young offenders that continue to reoffend despite going through the youth justice system. To combat this recidivism rate, in 2010 the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Amendment Bill proposed and implemented changes to the Children, […]

Accountability based practice – What does it look like?

Last week I had the honour of being asked to present at the Violence Against Women Conference: An Inconvenient Reality, in Brisbane. I told the audience that we can be enormously proud of the success we have had in bringing men’s violence against women out from behind closed doors during the past 30 years. Significant […]

Motivational Interviewing e-learning course goes live

We indicated earlier in the year that we had been working on an e-learning Motivational Interviewing course. We are now proud to launch this for practitioners who want to develop their skill sets around motivational interviewing practice. The modules are designed around the HMA e-learn framework: Learn it, Do it, Test it, and form a […]

MI DVD gets great response

We have been mightily pleased with the great response we have had to the new MI DVD we recently launched. We have therefore decided to put more of it online so you can see the quality and richness of the resource. We really appreciate those who have taken the time to provide feedback as this […]

‘Let’s talk…’ Poster/Visual Media Competition

  Living Well (Australia) and 1in6 (USA) are asking for your assisting to promote and contribute to the ‘Let’s talk…’ Poster/Visual Media Competition. The ‘Let’s talk…’ competition invites artists, graphic designers, film makers, anyone, where ever you are in the world, to create a unique and meaningful poster or video that will increase public discussion, […]

CarboNZero – our story

We have been members of the CarboNZero programme for the past five years. Last Thursday we were pleased to host Richard Gordon (Acting CEO Landcare), Landcare CarboNZero team, along with representative from other organisations who had signed up for the programme (fellow believers). I had to give a speech about our journey to carboNZero, what […]

Motivational Interviewing DVD now available

After many months of hard work our new motivational Interviewing DVD is now available. This 420 minute learning resource provides a starting point in understanding the underlying theory and practice of Motivational Interviewing. This resource includes interviews with accomplished trainers, knowledgeable researchers and skilled practitioners covering a wide range of topics. Along with learning about MI, […]

What are we teaching our sons (and daughters) about being good men?

If I ask a group of men, “Where did you guys learn about how to act as an adult?”, they are likely to answer, “The family.”  They are absolutely correct. What the men don’t often appreciate is how grounded in these earlier experiences their beliefs about men, women, children are. Of course these gendered beliefs […]

Battered man syndrome cuts jail sentence

My eye caught an article by Victoria Robinson in the Sunday Star Times (17 June 2012) about Toa Tuau, 31, who was sentenced to five years and six months in prison for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm in October 2010. His victim was his dad who, from reading the article, had physically abused him, his […]

10 ways to structure group reflection

Have you ever been in a group situation, the session finishes and you haven’t had the chance to close off the experience, capture your thinking and consider what difference the experience will make to your life? I have. If I leave a session not having had time to reflect before I get distracted into other […]

Are we there yet – almost

I know it seems like this is taking forever, but as they say good things take time. We are really pleased with the rich material demonstrating MI from a range of New Zealand based practitioners on this locally produced DVD. We also have a number of international people reflecting on MI from a range of […]

Motivating for change – the place of the working alliance

Over the past three days Nev Trainor and myself have had the pleasure of updating Practice Leaders from the New Zealand Community Probation Service on the latest thinking around motivational interviewing. With the new edition of Motivational Interviewing (3rd edition) by Bill Miller and Stephen Rollnick due out soon, this was an opportune time to […]

Motivational Interviewing (3rd edition) out soon

It is nearly here. The third edition of Motivational Interviewing:  Helping People Change (3rd edition) by William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick is due for release from Guilford Press in October 2012. This book will explore the most contemporary thinking in the area of MI, what the current evidenced based research indicates in terms of effectiveness, […]

10 ideas in responding to resistance

Ever felt you were in the hot-seat when talking about challenging issues? I am sure that many of the people we work with find this a really tough assignment  – to sit and talk about their often most embarrassing or distressing issues. In the past two blogs I have explored the nature of resistance being […]

10 helpful qualities for rebuilding futures

I look out my window (from our temporary Ferrymead office) as a four story apartment block next door is demolished. My office actually looks onto the back of the building in the photo so I am within 10 metres of the remaining two towers. Don’t worry we have to move out when they do the […]

10 reasons for resistance

In the last blog I discussed resistance to change being a product of the position taken by the counsellor. In this blog I want to explore the myriad of issues that can be perceived as resistance, but in reality are often located within the context of the work that takes place or as a reaction […]

Resistance to change – does it exist?

Resistance is a word that gets bandied around a lot in relation to client work. I often hear people talking about how resistant their client is, resistance of the client to taking on new ideas, or resistance of the client to engaging in a therapeutic or working relationship. It is interesting how we can position […]

9 things a trusted friend won’t tell you

I have been thinking recently about a dear friend of mine who died a while back. It was the anniversary of his death recently and at this time of the year I take time to really appreciate the type of friend he was and how lucky I was to have him in my life. He […]

New MI DVD in post production

We are excited to have nearly completed post production on our motivational interviewing two-set DVD. We have been fortunate to have captured rich footage of clinicians doing MI along with key thinkers in the field reflecting upon what MI is all about. The DVD has the real advantage of exploring MI across a range of practice fields including: […]

From Ken’s Desk April 2012

It is amazing that we are now at the end of the first quarter of 2012. Since we came back from the Christmas holidays and summer break our HMA training team has: delivered 102 days of in-room training taken 75 flights to destinations as far away as Singapore and Perth, from Auckland to Invercargill sponsored […]

Integrated Practice Framework – NZ Department of Corrections

Just under three years ago a consortium of HMA and Able Training began work on training design for the rollout of the integrated practice framework. This has been one of the biggest changes to practice for the New Zealand community probation service for 10 years. It brings to life is the core purpose of the […]

40 effective facilitation strategies

It is my belief that it is the small things that happen within a group setting that make the difference. Noticing someone, helping a person to realise something not pleasant about themself and save face during the experience, being purposeful and clear about our intentions, all lead to a much better result for the group […]

5 ways to build emotional literacy through using Feeling Face Cards

For many years we have been using these very cool Feeling Face Cards in our group work. We have also been finding ways to integrate their use within the design of programmes, particularly those targeting men. We have found over the years that one of the challenges many men find themselves struggling with is around […]

6 ways to get greater group involvement

Have you ever had a passive group of learners who have been told to turn up rather than self-selecting into the learning opportunity? Or the energy in the group of very low. Or the group are used to being lectured to, rather than participating and being responsible for their own learning. This is every trainers […]

The six cornerstones of motivation

Last week HMA hosted the International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing: Beyond an Effect Size: Innovations in Thinking & Practice in Auckland, New Zealand. Besides being a rich opportunity to share contemporary practice around motivational interviewing, it was a timely reminder of the very essence of what motivation is. Without motivation we generally do not embark […]

Understanding programme drop-out from family violence programmes

All of us working in the area of family violence intervention are acutely aware of the issue of attrition from programmes. I know that I often worry about the safety of partners and children of men who drop out of intervention. If we can go by general criminal justice research we know that programme drop-out […]

Motivational interviewing – the tension points

Attending the International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing: Beyond an Effect Size: Innovations in Thinking & Practice, was such a stimulating experience that it got me thinking about where MI sits in relation to other approaches. Is MI an approach out there all by itself? Is MI the precursor to others things? Is there a right […]

Making the most of the time we have

Remember Robin Williams in the film ‘Dead Poets Society’. Robin Williams plays a teacher with a great thirst for life who encourages his student through the rallying cry “carpe diem” or “seize the day”.  He invites his students to question, find their own truths, and live as if each moment counts. I don’t know about […]

10 ideas to stretch a group

Asking a group to take ownership over their learning is the key to managing growth, developing cohesion and dealing with challenging behaviour. I have always been interested in finding creative ways to stretch the group in terms of giving different experiences that create movement. The challenge in stretching is not to stretch too far. The […]

Is social competence a pre-requisite for group participation?

I wrote in a chapter some years ago that, “Being a member of a group, like our gender, class, or ethnicity, is such an integral aspect of our lives that we often take for granted how much time we spend in groups or groups within groups (McMaster, K.J., 2008). I went on to argue that […]

20 strategies for successful facilitation

The art of facilitation is complex. Have you ever found yourself running late, not having things properly prepared, or you don’t have a good feel for the content. I think we have all had that experience. We struggle through the session and at the end dissatisfied with our performance. We are often relieved it is […]

Can men who use abusive practices really change?

Don has been struggling with abusive behaviour all of his life. He was adopted at birth into a family who treated him badly.In this family he saw and experienced it all. His biological parent went onto to have other children. These they kept. You can imagine the narrative about his life that Don has carried. Rejection […]

9 ways to keep group members engaged

Ever had the feeling that the group is not with you? They are physical present but their heads seem somewhere else? I imagine that if you have been running groups or programs that this is not an uncommon experience. Moving group members from visitors to engaged participants takes skill and thoughtfulness. Below are a range […]

8 ways to learn names of group members

You are about to start a group. People start to arrive and you check them off your list. Apart from the person who came early while you are getting ready, other participants start to arrive in pairs or small groups. You know that you are going to have to remember their names but how?  You […]

5 reasons to mandate guys to DV programs

I worry about some of the debates that are occurring at the moment in the family violence arena. Unless we are very careful we can roll back  the hard earned gains that have been achieved over the last 30 years. I also deliberately use the word ‘guy’ because most of those referred to family violence […]

Welcome to Ken’s blog

Thanks for stopping by. I have been working in the human services for a fair while, particularly in the area of abusive practices such as family violence, sexual offending and addictions work. I started this blog for the simple reason of sharing both my thinking about issues of interest (‘What Ken thinks’) and practical skills […]

From Ken’s desk January 2012

We have finally found a new home, after ten months of looking, being ‘pipped at the post’ by bigger companies with more financial muscle, and not being able to afford the outrageous and long-term leases people are seeking in Christchurch. Well, at least temporarily for the next one to two years. As you will be […]

Our Public Training Calendar

We have been providing professional development to various organisations and individuals since 1985. Locating our work in evidenced based practice has ensured that we are current with our thinking which enables us to deliver quality learning opportunities. Our public training calendar for the year ahead is grouped into three main areas: Motivational Interviewing Skills Family […]

Living Well Art Competition

Late last year I was in Brisbane and visited with Dr Gary Foster, Manager of Spiritus Sexual Assault Services. Gary has long been a strong advocate for men who have experienced sexual abuse and assault. We advertised this great competition in an earlier newsletter to support Sexual Violence Awareness Month (SVAM) that best expressed the […]

Motivational Interviewing Symposium

Beyond an Effect Size: Innovations in Thinking & Practice 7-9 March 2012, Auckland, New Zealand We are having a fantastic response to this event from both within New Zealand and internationally to the symposium. One organisation booked 18 staff within a few days of enrolments opening. The three day programme includes pre-Symposium 1-day Professional Development […]

Western Australia always a wonderful experience

Recently we took our team back to Perth to support the program work undertaken by WA Department of Corrective Services. During this trip we were able to trial a number of new training packages to enhance practice. The ten days was a busy time working with a wide range of groups who both support and […]

From Ken’s desk October 2011

It is amazing to see we are now well into the final quarter of 2011. Since the disruption of the February 22 earthquake in Christchurch and subsequent aftershocks (they remind us constantly that we are on shaky ground), it feels like we have been running flat out, managing without our office and training room all […]

The Singapore Motivational Interviewing Experience

Dr Joel Porter   I remember it like it happened yesterday. I had been invited to provide a Motivational Interviewing (MI) workshop in Singapore. I told a Pakeha colleague about the upcoming workshop and he wondered out loud, “It will be interesting to see how the Singaporeans react to MI”. His comment piqued my curiosity […]

Motivational Interviewing Symposium

Beyond an Effect Size: Innovations in Thinking & Practice 7-9 March 2012 Auckland, New Zealand Enrolments are now open for the second International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing (ISMI). The event will be held in Auckland, New Zealand on 7-9 March 2012. The three day programme will include: Pre-Symposium professional development workshops (7 March 2012): • […]

From Ken’s desk September 2011

A friend to our work will be sorely missed    On July 24th 2011 Chief District Court Judge Russell Johnson died (aged 64 years) after a short illness. Judge Johnson was known for his commitment to the concept of therapeutic jurisprudence – the study of the effects of law and the legal system on the […]

Call for papers now open for Motivational Interviewing Symposium

Beyond an Effect Size: Innovations in Thinking & Practice, 7-9 March 2012. Auckland, New Zealand HMA is pleased to announce the second International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing (ISMI). The event will be held at the Stamford Plaza Hotel located in the heart of Auckland City, New Zealand. We are fortunate to have keynote addresses by […]

Online Poster/Visual Media Competition

We received this information from Dr Gary Foster, Manager of Spiritus Sexual Assault Services in Brisbane. Gary has long been a strong advocate for men who have experienced sexual abuse and assault. This is a great competition to support Sexual Violence Awareness Month (SVAM). A prize of $500 will be awarded by the Competition Panel […]

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing with Joel Porter

This entry level 2-day workshop will be held in Auckland on 8-9 December 2011. Motivational interviewing (MI) is a clinical counselling method to help people make decisions about change. It involves the use of empathic listening and other counselling skills to elicit and consolidate a person’s motivation to change.

Youth Offending Programmes – what really does work

The Christchurch Press recently lead with a story about how the controversial ‘Boot Camp’ for New Zealand’s worst young offenders should be scrapped, after new figures showed a high reoffending rate. The camp is held at Te Puna Wai youth residence near Christchurch at a cost of $36,000 for each participant. Fifteen of the 17 […]

From Ken’s desk July 2011

The challenges just keep on coming. Recently, Suzanne Hall and myself as directors of HMA, met with the other floor owners of Westpark Tower to discuss the fate of our lovely new offices. Built in 1986 (and as you can see from the photograph) it is a relatively modern building. The word at this stage […]

On the road throughout Queensland training sentence planners

Sentence planners are critical to assessing and managing the thorough care of prisoners within the Queensland prison system. Sentence Management Training was a two day program conducted at the Queensland Corrective Services Academy, Townsville Correctional Centre, Capricornia Correctional Centre, Lotus Glen Correctional Centre and Maryborough Correctional Centre. The program consisted of:   • Interview Skills […]

Mark your diaries now: Motivational Interviewing Symposium

We are excited to provide you all with advanced notice of the second MI Symposium, to be held in Auckland 7-9 March 2012.Terri Moyers from the USA is going to participate as a speaker and offer a professional development workshop. Terri has been investigating the processes that occur within MI sessions. Specifically, she is linking […]

From Ken’s desk June 2011

The events of 22 February 2011 continue to challenge us here in the Garden City of Christchurch. We are through the immediate rescue and stabilising phase (ensuring people are safe and have shelter, food and warmth). We now move into a very challenging phase of rebuilding Christchurch and working out best how to undertake that. […]

New family violence intervention programmes designed

A goal for many years has been to design a robust and updated programme for family violence interventions that fit the requirements of the Domestic Violence Act (1995). An earlier newsletter (January 2011) reported the bringing together of a group of key thinkers from around the country prior to Christmas 2010 where ideas around content, […]

Family Violence Programme to Better Suit Tasmania’s Needs

HMA has had a strong relationship with Tasmanian Safe At Home project for a number of years. With responsibility for delivering stopping violence interventions coming back to Community Probation Service, HMA was asked to redesign the original programme to meet the challenges of delivering a programme in both urban and more remote areas of Tasmania, […]

‘Effective interventions with offenders: Lessons learned’ out now

Edited by Ken McMaster & David Riley, RRP $34.95In this book we asked contributors to reflect upon their practice and identify lessons learned that can increase the effectiveness and reach of rehabilitation. We believe that despite the attacks upon the notion of investing in rehabilitation, to not do so leave those who have offended little […]

Motivational Interviewing news

Motivational Interviewing has been practiced in New Zealand for decades. Until last week, there were only a handful of people who could provide accurate and objective feedback and coaching to practitioners about their ability and practice development. HMA sponsored the first ever training on the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity skill code (MITI) facilitated by Dr […]

‘Effective Interventions with Offenders – Lessons Learned’

Edited by Ken McMaster & David Riley, RRP $34.95Despite the glitch with the recent Christchurch earthquake we are back on track with the release of our most recent publication. We make the argument that interventions with those who offend are a worthy investment for any civil society. To not invest in intervention is to run […]

From Ken’s desk April 2011

We didn’t see thiscoming. I am referring of course to the earthquake that decimated most of Christchurch on 22 February. We were starting to rebuild after the September earthquake. No one died in that earthquake, so the shock at the significant loss of life and destruction of the CBD this time around has had many […]

Western Australia interventions

March in Perth. 35 degree days (every day).Since 2008 we have had a strong working relationship with WA Department of Corrections. We have been involved in the ongoing development of competency for programme intervention staff in both facilitation skills training and training around specific programmes. On this trip we were really privileged to work on […]

New book due out shortly – ‘Effective Interventions with Offenders – Lessons Learned’ Edited by Ken McMaster & David Riley, RRP $34.95

Interventions with those who offend are a worthy investment for any civil society. To not invest in intervention is to run the risk of maintaining patterns of behaviour that impact significantly upon the wellbeing and safety of our families, neighbourhoods and communities. This book will be of interest to counsellors, psychologists, social workers and policy […]

Updated figures on Police Safety Orders

Significant changes to the Domestic Violence Act saw Police granted with the ability to issue on-the-spot Safety Orders (PSO) from 1 July 2010. These orders which require perpetrators of family violence to immediately leave their residence for a period of up to 5 days, can be issued regardless of ownership or tenancy of property and […]

From Ken’s Desk February 2011

At the end of 2010, despite the Christchurch Earthquake delaying our fit-out by two months, we moved into our new premises on Level 4, Westpark Towers, 56 Cashel Street, Christchurch. For a long time we have wanted our own dedicated training space where we can host training events run by both our team members and […]

Book review – The Happiness Advantage

Author: Shawn Achor 2010 288 pages Virgin Books: UK ISBN-13 9780753539460Reviewed by Sam Hall-McMaster

From Ken’s Desk December 2010

A week ago another tragedy hit the South Island of New Zealand. This is of course on top of the 7.1 earthquake that shook Christchurch on 4 September. I am referring to the Pike River coal mine explosion that was responsible for the death of 29 miners on the West Coast. Pike River is located […]

Development of a General Stopping Violence Programme – DVA approval

HMA is taking the initiative to develop a National Domestic Violence Programme to meet the criteria for programme accreditation under the Domestic Violence Act 1995. I am aware over time programmes become stale, integrity drifts, methodologies change, and research points us in new directions. Maintaining practice currency and ensuring we are delivering the best quality […]

Military Activity Camp (MAC3) Criminogenic Programme Update

Last Monday I had the pleasure of supporting our two intervention workers (Matt and Lawrence) at the graduation of the MAC3 programme at Te Puna Wai youth justice residence near Christchurch. As indicated in last month’s newsletter, HMA was contracted to provide the criminogenic intervention aspect of the programme alongside the military, cultural work, and […]

We’ve moved!

From 13 December 2010 you will find us in our new premises – Level 4, 56 Cashel Street, Christchurch 8013. Update your records with our new contact details: PO Box 604, Christchurch 8140 ph 64 3 374 9347 fax 64 3 374 3537 Our website and e-mail addresses remain the same: web: e-mail: […]

From Ken’s Desk November 2010

Whenever I meet people, and talk about the work that I do in designing intervention programmes and training people in programme delivery for those who offend, the question is, “What makes people stop?” The sub-text is, “Can they stop?”. The question is never straight forward, but there is a growing body of knowledge that if […]

Family violence statistics show violence is up on last year

We always look with interest this time of the year to the release of the New Zealand Police crime statistics. This tells us many things and is in need of careful interpretation. Reporting of family violence is up by 11.8%. What this refers to is that during the 2009/2010 year police recorded 54,104 family violence […]

MAC3 Criminogenic Programme

During October, November and early December, HMA is delivering the criminogenic section of the MAC3 programme for Te Puna Wai (Child, Youth & Family). Our two people working on this project are Lawrence Seinafo and Matt Williams, and we hope this will be the first of many programme deliveries for Youth Offenders.The programme caters for […]

Nature versus nurture – The age old question

We’ve all heard the debate “is it nature or nurture that makes us who we are?”. Research into early brain development has come a long way in the last 10 – 15 years and is now firmly in favour, that it is both nature and nurture that work together to fashion who we are. Our […]

Family Violence increasing in the aftermath of the earthquake

How people cope with stress in the face of adversity is one of the questions that has vexed human service workers over time. In the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake the rates of call-outs to the Police for family violence incidents rose by 53% (Christchurch Press, Sept 8, 2010: A3). If we accept that around […]

An insight into abusive behaviour

Unlike other offending, family violence incidents are perpetrated by people who are known and loved by the victim. Victims often experience a myriad of conflicting feelings associated with the offence and may have problems with prosecuting someone they love or have had a relationship with. This is especially true when victims and perpetrators have children […]

Probation Officers up skill in working with family violence

With increasing focus from the New Zealand Police on family violence, this filters through into assessment and sentence management of Community Probation Service. Earlier this year we were asked to design and deliver a pilot programme for probation officers. The focus is on working with cases where family violence is the presenting issue. Family violence […]

How to improve your relationship in three minutes a day!

A bold claim you might say. Well it is and it isn’t. If we remember that relationships are fundamentally about connection, then taking the time to bond is the key idea of how to maintain a healthy relationship. All of us will have memories of times when we have not started well in our interaction. […]

Every breath you take” – understanding stalking behaviour

Every breath you take And every move you make Every bond you break, every step you take I’ll be watching you

From Ken’s Desk August 2010

Imagine this. It is 4 April 2010 and you are having a party. As things happen someone at another party said that you had stolen a car (a mistaken belief) so a 17 year old bourbon-fuelled young man arrives with his mates to sort things out. You refuse to let him on to the property […]

“Working With Challenging Clients” seminar gets a great response

In a joint venture between Hall McMaster and Associates (HMA) and the Creative Learning Network (CTN), seminars on ‘Working with challenging clients’ with American speaker, Michael Clark, have been held around the country. Michael is the Director of the Centre for Strength-Based Strategies in Michigan. (Photo: Michael Clark flanked by Suzanne Hall and Ken McMaster, […]

Issuing of Police Safety Orders

Last month we ran a story on the new Police Safety Orders that came into effect on 1 July. These provide the police with additional powers to intervene in family violence call-outs. By the end of the first two weeks, around 74 safety orders have been issued nationally, with eight of them issued in Canterbury […]

Parenting for a Peaceful World by Robin Grille

ISBN 978-1-921004-14-8 May 2005 Lougueville Media: New South Wales “Universal care for children’s emotional health is the key to creating a more peaceful and just global community that lives sustainably, in harmony with its environment”. Robin Grille Robin Grille is an Australian Psychologist and psychotherapist with a long history of work in the fields of […]

Motivational interviewing partnership is born

Many of you will know that staff at HMA have real interest and experience in motivational interviewing. Ken McMaster (one of HMA’s directors) was awarded an ALAC scholarship to attend training at the Addictions Research Foundation in Toronto back in the mid 1980s when the approach was in its infancy alongside the relapse prevention ideas. […]

Another step forward in protecting victims of family violence – Police Safety Orders

From 1 July the New Zealand Police will have additional powers to intervene in family violence call-outs. They will be able to utilise what is known as a ‘Police Safety Order’. Legislation was passed in October 2009 which amends several acts including the Domestic Violence Act 1995. This new legislation gives Police the ability to […]

Celebrating turning up or helping the helpers

Every week throughout New Zealand/Aotearoa, men and women sit in agencies working with men who have been abusive within their families. Think of all those facilitators heading out the door on cold winter nights, off to agencies to run stopping violence programmes. Of course they don’t just turn up. They bring to this endeavour a […]

Lethality arising from family violence

Family tragedy: Homicide within Families in New Zealand 2002-2006 This report provides the first complete picture of homicide within families in New Zealand. It found that there were 141 homicides perpetrated by a member of the victim’s family, intimate partner or ex-partner in New Zealand between 2002 and 2006 and that:

Good Training

Mark Tisdall, one of the HMA Associates reflects upon what makes good training. When I first read Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything in 2003 I thought I could relax – I had a ‘big picture’ of the world as we know it from the big bang to now – having read the […]

What makes respondent programmes effective

Garth Baker This report summarises the findings of recent research on intervention programmes for men using domestic violence. Drawing on the latest Canada and the USA evaluations, along with recent New Zealand research, this report recommends what would make your respondent programmes more effective. This is the most up-to-date summary of research and is tailored […]

Strength Based Batterer Intervention: A New Paradigm in Ending Family Violence

The field of family violence has always had people who hold strong positions in relation to the lens (frame) that they bring to understanding the issue. As a consequence this also frames intervention. Despite these differences all of us working in the area have the same fundamental purpose in mind: to protect people by stopping […]

Doing parole differently

When you are involved in a field of practice for as long as I have (nearly 30 years – I know I am showing my age), you have the advantage of seeing things come and go. New ideas are tried. Some work. Some don’t. What always sits behind new ideas is trying to get things […]

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