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Advanced notice Michael Clark visit (12th – 16th July 2010)

During the week of July 12th – 16 we are pleased along with Creative Training Network to bring Michael D. Clark to New Zealand. Michael is well known as a trainer and consultant to organizations working with mandated clients and is a national faculty member (contractual) for the U.S. Departments of Justice (DOJ) and Health […]

Coping, Resilience & Hope Building – Brisbane 9-11 July 2010

Strengths based practice is an approach to people rather than a fixed model of practice. It is primarily dependent on the attitudes and beliefs of the worker and the assumptions they make about the client and their experiences. It is based on core assumptions that change the nature of the client – worker relationship, and […]

Family violence has a level of complexity other violence doesn’t

Compared with many other violent crimes, the legal and social dimensions of domestic violence present several complications for effective legal control and intervention. Domestic violence differs significantly from other forms of violence in several important ways. First, there are strong emotional ties between victims and perpetrators. The parties often love one another, or at least […]

Conversations about abusive practice

You are a social worker from a small rural provider, who suspects that within a family you are working with that violence is occurring. In the situation the social worker is providing a home based support service in an isolated setting. The worker has built up considerable rapport with the family, but suspected that there […]

Effective Interventions for the Alcohol and Others Drug Sector – Mobile Training

In New Zealand approximately 200,000 people are arrested each year, and a significant number are under the influence of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) at the time of arrest. It is estimated that up to 80% of offenders who appear in court have an AOD problem, and that 83% of prisoners in New Zealand have […]

Assisting Western Australia with Program Implementation

  Wednesday, 28 October 2009 Late last year HMA staff supported the introduction of a 137 hour Medium Intensity Violence Program into Western Australia. Over the past four months we have undertaken a number of additional training assignments to support the work of WA Department of Corrective Services. Ken was back in Perth running a […]

2009 Projects

We often get asked about what HMA is currently doing or has been doing. For those who are interested below is a list of projects we have been involved in during the past six months. Training design projects National Network of Stopping Violence Services/ Relationship Services training programme for new programme facilitators Community Probation and […]

Contributing to best practice for Community Probation and Psychological Services

Criminal justice responses to reducing crime are always challenging issues to get right. In the 2008-2009 financial year Corrections managed 66,635 new community-based sentences and orders. During the same year probation officers and psychologists completed 44,596 pre-sentence and oral reports and 108 psychological reports for courts. These included 5595 parole assessment reports, 1095 psychological reports for […]

HMA goes carbon neutral

Hall McMaster & Associates Ltd have become the first professional human service teachers and practitioners in New Zealand to be certified carbon neutral through Landcare Research’s carboNZeroCertTM programme.

What do we know about men who abuse?

On the 22nd July 2009 Clayton Weatherston was found guilty of murder Sophie Elliott, his ex-partner. He stabbed her 216 times. What makes a man do the ultimate harm to a woman – murder? What intent sits with a man who smuggles a large knife hidden in a computer bag to an ex-partner’s home? What […]

Thanks for the publicity

I generally keep away from commenting on issues in the media. I am more comfortable with behind the scenes work of creating effective interventions to intervene with family violence and general offending behaviour. However we need to thank Tony Veitch for bringing to the forefront of our awareness that family violence is not just something […]

Do boot camps work? Actually they don’t.

There is little doubt that youth crime is a costly problem for our society. I applaud the debate that is emerging to find workable solutions to what are complex issues. It is easy in the rhetoric of the debates (it is an election year after all) to make strong claims about getting tough on youth […]

We have come a long way

This year the big hand on my life clock moves to one of those auspicious times. I am not saying which one – you will have to guess for yourself. This has got me thinking about a number of issues related to our field of practice, the work we undertake, where we are and where […]

Smacking didn’t hurt me. Or did it?

How many times over the past year have we heard people state that they were smacked as a child and it didn’t hurt them? Over the years I have sat with men in numerous stopping violence programmes and heard this statement spoken. The irony is not lost that we are sitting in a group of […]

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