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Case Formulation with those who Offend

An interactive and engaging online Case Formulation course for Key Workers



“Case formulation has always been one of those things I couldn’t get my head around. Having completed this course I now have a much better understanding of how case formulation works and also have some great tools, especially the ‘Adapted case formulation worksheet and intervention plan’ that I can use in the years to come. Thanks team.” 


Case formulation in simple terms seeks to answer the question: “What’s going on and what are we going to do about it”. Firstly, there is a top-down process of cognitive behavioural theory providing clinically useful descriptive frameworks. Secondly, the formulation enables practitioners and offenders to make explanatory inferences about what caused and maintains the presenting issues. Thirdly, case formulation explicitly and centrally informs intervention. Case formulation is a cornerstone of evidence-based CBT practice. This training uses case studies to develop formulations that bridge between practice, theory and research.

Within this course staff will navigate their way through four sections including 1) Bias in decision making, 2) Functional analysis, 3) Understanding risk factors, and 4) Schema analysis. By utilising a range of readings, exercises and activities and quizzes, staff are kept interested and engaged and are not only encouraged to reflect on their progress, but also to consider how what they have learnt applies within real settings and how it can be actioned at the next available opportunity.


What the course covers


By the end of the course learners will be able to:




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