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Workshop – The role of Motivational Interviewing in working with Family Violence

“Resolving ambivalence and developing motivation is a key aspect of engagement into Men’s Behaviour Change (MBC) programs.”​ Given that most men referred to programs are mandated either formally or informally through pressure from family, friends or significant others in their lives, then this is even more critical. Even those who appear willing at the start […]

HMA 2018 Round-Up

We have had a fantastic year. Heartfelt thanks go to the agencies and organisation that have placed trust in HMA to work with their staff. From large delivery and design projects to working with dedicated staff on the front line, we have been very pleased to work with passion and integrity to bring out the […]

Disrupting Family Violence Programme Launch!

Disrupting Family Violence & Moving Closer to Family Wellbeing An 18+ session family violence intervention programme for men Family violence has emerged from behind closed doors since the second wave of feminism during the 1970’s. Family violence now accounts for around of 40% of policing time, is prevalent across the population and often follows intergenerational […]

How technology will disrupt behaviour change interventions

I spend a lot of my time thinking about the best way to help with behaviour change. Don’t get me wrong, I am one of those people trained in face-to-face group work which involves sitting with a collection of people to make sense of behaviour that is problematic to both them and others. Over the […]

Men’s Safety Project – A FREE site for men and practitioners

81% of people think it is possible to change people’s behaviour around family violence* So do we… It’s not uncommon for men to struggle with patterns of abusive behaviour in their relationships, and for that pattern of behaviour to have a detrimental impact on everyone; partners, children and men themselves. While changing these often ingrained […]

And the winners are…

We had a great response to our post ‘Motivational Interviewing Resources – OARS Tokens and MI Rulers’. Thanks to all of those people who got back to us expressing interest in receiving a free pack. Originally we intended to give away five resources packs, but because the interest was so high we have increased that […]

Motivational Interviewing Resources – OARS Tokens and MI Rulers

Are you looking for innovative ways to up-skill yourself or your staff in Motivational Interviewing? Perhaps your wanting help with specific clients who seem stuck. Well, our new MI resource pack can help you with both. Read on to learn more about the resource pack, and, how you can get one for free! OARS Tokens […]

Mindful Facilitation

Have you ever walked into a group session and found yourself in reactive mode to one or more of the participants? Have you ever walked away from a session, knowing you have been triggered and felt uncomfortable with your performance? We have all been there at some point in our group facilitation. I certainly have. I was […]

Training waste – an expense we cannot afford

How often have we turned up to run or been part of a training event where you experience the following: Participants have been told they need to attend and they don’t want to – their behaviour gives a clear message, “I would rather be somewhere else” Participants have not done the pre-work – they come […]

HMA launches new website

We are excited. Today we launch our new website ( Over the past three months we have been working with Wired Internet Group to rebuild our website so that it now operates across a number of platforms including desktop, tablet, and other mobile devices such as smart phones. We invite you to go and have […]

Our big successes

People often ask me, “What do you do?”. Putting this into a two minute pitch is often difficult. When asked I say our team is about enhancing community safety and wellbeing. Firstly we develop a range of evidence-based interventions in the family violence and general offender sector. Secondly, we up-skill practitioners to deliver ours and […]

Time running out to get on the MINT Training for New Trainers Workshop: 4-6 August 2015

Is MI a core part of your practice? Do you love MI? Share MI? Train others in MI? Want to join like-minded colleagues? The MINT Endorsed TNT is the first of it’s kind in our region. This entry workshop opens up membership of MINT and the chance to connect with and share the rich MI […]

Spotlight on the International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing: 7 August 2015

Do you use MI? Have conversations about change in your role? Want to know more? Go beyond the basics with this stimulating one day program on applications of MI. When we first meet MI, we often meet a user-friendly, accessible method that makes a lot of common sense. However, the more we play with MI […]

Spotlight on the MITI4 Workshop: 4-6 August 2015

Do you want to deepen your understanding of the elements of MI? Review how you’re going? Coach others MI? Conduct research on MI? Then the MITI 4 workshop could be the perfect professional development for you. The Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity coding manual is one of the leading methods for assessing MI fidelity and providing […]

Rules or values – what works best in developing group culture

Have you ever struggled developing group rules or ground rules for the programmes you are facilitating? Often we establish rules, write them on flipchart paper, and then ignore them for the rest of the programme. Or worse, the rules become the job of the facilitators to hold group members to account around. It can feel […]

Practitioner Interview Video Series – Male Sexual Assault

In support of Sexual Violence Awareness Month, Living Well are pleased to release a new Practitioner Interview Series of videos for those meeting and working with men sexually abused in childhood and their partners, families and friends. Check out the entire 14 practitioner videos at the Living Well website. Rationale Living Well are aware that men who […]

Two workshop opportunities with Ken McMaster

These days I spend most of my time running learning and development workshops for organisations across Australia and New Zealand. I therefore haven’t had time during the past year to offer public workshops. As a member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers) I am keen to create opportunities for people to explore the power […]

7 Challenges of online learning

Learner flexibility is recognised as a key need for fast changing workplaces. Keeping up with new ideas is challenging for all of us. E-learning provides us with an efficient and cost effective way to keep our workforce growing in confidence and competence around skills and knowledge. But there are downsides and challenges to overcome. Making […]

Stephen Rollnick – down under

We have been privileged over the past week to have Professor Stephen Rollnick visit New Zealand and run three workshops on motivational interviewing. The respect for Stephen’s work in developing MI along with Dr William Miller, was evidenced by the number of people who attended the three events. Overall we had 455 people attending at various […]

Meeting in the middle: motivational interviewing and self-determination theory

The following article by William R Miller and Stephen Rollnick from the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2012,9:25 explores the relationship between motivational interviewing (MI) and self determination theory (SDT). Motivational interviewing (MI) is indeed a “bottom-up” model that emerged from practical experience in the field of alcohol treatment. The original description […]

Great response to Dr Stephen Rollnick’s visit to New Zealand

Are we there yet – well we are very close to filling the numbers we have set for Dr Rollnick’s visit to New Zealand in May. It is not very often that we get the opportunity to have someone with Stephen’s depth of experience and considered thinking around the issue of motivational interviewing to visit […]

My seven most effective engaging questions

We all know the importance of engagement for successful intervention with people experiencing difficult and challenging behaviour. How easy is it to get off to a wrong start with somebody? One of the key elements of engagement is around connection, finding common narrative, and building that working alliance in terms of common goals for the […]

Motivational interviewing and child protection – the fit

Imagine someone knocks on your door and wants to talk with you about how you are treating your children. Part of you knows that lately you have not been managing well and that at times you just ‘lose it’, particularly when you are tired, stressed or out of it on alcohol or drugs. Now, this […]

Stand to deliver and sit to process

I recently had an email from a colleague in Queensland inquiring about a piece of advice I had given some years during a training session on group facilitation. Two thoughts came to mind: firstly, how influential we can be in what we say and how these ideas can be enduring over time, and secondly, that […]

Perth DCS Evaluation Data – looks pretty good to us

  In an earlier blog I talked about the L&D work we had been delivering in Perth throughout September. This incorporated a range of workshops including: case formulation group work with personality disordered offenders family violence risk assessment family violence intervention skills group work skills for offenders intervention, and engaging offenders in change work. We […]

Breaking news – Now available Motivational Interviewing 3rd edition – Helping People Change

We are pleased to announce that early next week that we will be receiving the first shipment of the new Motivational Interviewing (3rd Edition) into the HMA Bookshop. We have a number of pre-orders which will be out the door the day we receive them. I suggest that if you want a copy then you […]

Way out West – reflections from WA

When you have the privilege of working with the same team of people over a period of several years, you see practice shifts and change in exciting ways.  This has been our experience in working for the past five years with Department of Corrective Services facilitation staff from throughout Western Australia.  Each time we come […]

10 ways to structure group reflection

Have you ever been in a group situation, the session finishes and you haven’t had the chance to close off the experience, capture your thinking and consider what difference the experience will make to your life? I have. If I leave a session not having had time to reflect before I get distracted into other […]

Motivating for change – the place of the working alliance

Over the past three days Nev Trainor and myself have had the pleasure of updating Practice Leaders from the New Zealand Community Probation Service on the latest thinking around motivational interviewing. With the new edition of Motivational Interviewing (3rd edition) by Bill Miller and Stephen Rollnick due out soon, this was an opportune time to […]

New MI DVD in post production

We are excited to have nearly completed post production on our motivational interviewing two-set DVD. We have been fortunate to have captured rich footage of clinicians doing MI along with key thinkers in the field reflecting upon what MI is all about. The DVD has the real advantage of exploring MI across a range of practice fields including: […]

Integrated Practice Framework – NZ Department of Corrections

Just under three years ago a consortium of HMA and Able Training began work on training design for the rollout of the integrated practice framework. This has been one of the biggest changes to practice for the New Zealand community probation service for 10 years. It brings to life is the core purpose of the […]

6 ways to get greater group involvement

Have you ever had a passive group of learners who have been told to turn up rather than self-selecting into the learning opportunity? Or the energy in the group of very low. Or the group are used to being lectured to, rather than participating and being responsible for their own learning. This is every trainers […]

10 ideas to stretch a group

Asking a group to take ownership over their learning is the key to managing growth, developing cohesion and dealing with challenging behaviour. I have always been interested in finding creative ways to stretch the group in terms of giving different experiences that create movement. The challenge in stretching is not to stretch too far. The […]

Is social competence a pre-requisite for group participation?

I wrote in a chapter some years ago that, “Being a member of a group, like our gender, class, or ethnicity, is such an integral aspect of our lives that we often take for granted how much time we spend in groups or groups within groups (McMaster, K.J., 2008). I went on to argue that […]

20 strategies for successful facilitation

The art of facilitation is complex. Have you ever found yourself running late, not having things properly prepared, or you don’t have a good feel for the content. I think we have all had that experience. We struggle through the session and at the end dissatisfied with our performance. We are often relieved it is […]

9 ways to keep group members engaged

Ever had the feeling that the group is not with you? They are physical present but their heads seem somewhere else? I imagine that if you have been running groups or programs that this is not an uncommon experience. Moving group members from visitors to engaged participants takes skill and thoughtfulness. Below are a range […]

8 ways to learn names of group members

You are about to start a group. People start to arrive and you check them off your list. Apart from the person who came early while you are getting ready, other participants start to arrive in pairs or small groups. You know that you are going to have to remember their names but how?  You […]

Motivational Interviewing Symposium

Beyond an Effect Size: Innovations in Thinking & Practice 7-9 March 2012, Auckland, New Zealand We are having a fantastic response to this event from both within New Zealand and internationally to the symposium. One organisation booked 18 staff within a few days of enrolments opening. The three day programme includes pre-Symposium 1-day Professional Development […]

Western Australia always a wonderful experience

Recently we took our team back to Perth to support the program work undertaken by WA Department of Corrective Services. During this trip we were able to trial a number of new training packages to enhance practice. The ten days was a busy time working with a wide range of groups who both support and […]

Motivational Interviewing Symposium

Beyond an Effect Size: Innovations in Thinking & Practice 7-9 March 2012 Auckland, New Zealand Enrolments are now open for the second International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing (ISMI). The event will be held in Auckland, New Zealand on 7-9 March 2012. The three day programme will include: Pre-Symposium professional development workshops (7 March 2012): • […]

Call for papers now open for Motivational Interviewing Symposium

Beyond an Effect Size: Innovations in Thinking & Practice, 7-9 March 2012. Auckland, New Zealand HMA is pleased to announce the second International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing (ISMI). The event will be held at the Stamford Plaza Hotel located in the heart of Auckland City, New Zealand. We are fortunate to have keynote addresses by […]

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing with Joel Porter

This entry level 2-day workshop will be held in Auckland on 8-9 December 2011. Motivational interviewing (MI) is a clinical counselling method to help people make decisions about change. It involves the use of empathic listening and other counselling skills to elicit and consolidate a person’s motivation to change.

On the road throughout Queensland training sentence planners

Sentence planners are critical to assessing and managing the thorough care of prisoners within the Queensland prison system. Sentence Management Training was a two day program conducted at the Queensland Corrective Services Academy, Townsville Correctional Centre, Capricornia Correctional Centre, Lotus Glen Correctional Centre and Maryborough Correctional Centre. The program consisted of:   • Interview Skills […]

Mark your diaries now: Motivational Interviewing Symposium

We are excited to provide you all with advanced notice of the second MI Symposium, to be held in Auckland 7-9 March 2012.Terri Moyers from the USA is going to participate as a speaker and offer a professional development workshop. Terri has been investigating the processes that occur within MI sessions. Specifically, she is linking […]

‘Effective interventions with offenders: Lessons learned’ out now

Edited by Ken McMaster & David Riley, RRP $34.95In this book we asked contributors to reflect upon their practice and identify lessons learned that can increase the effectiveness and reach of rehabilitation. We believe that despite the attacks upon the notion of investing in rehabilitation, to not do so leave those who have offended little […]

‘Effective Interventions with Offenders – Lessons Learned’

Edited by Ken McMaster & David Riley, RRP $34.95Despite the glitch with the recent Christchurch earthquake we are back on track with the release of our most recent publication. We make the argument that interventions with those who offend are a worthy investment for any civil society. To not invest in intervention is to run […]

New book due out shortly – ‘Effective Interventions with Offenders – Lessons Learned’ Edited by Ken McMaster & David Riley, RRP $34.95

Interventions with those who offend are a worthy investment for any civil society. To not invest in intervention is to run the risk of maintaining patterns of behaviour that impact significantly upon the wellbeing and safety of our families, neighbourhoods and communities. This book will be of interest to counsellors, psychologists, social workers and policy […]

Development of a General Stopping Violence Programme – DVA approval

HMA is taking the initiative to develop a National Domestic Violence Programme to meet the criteria for programme accreditation under the Domestic Violence Act 1995. I am aware over time programmes become stale, integrity drifts, methodologies change, and research points us in new directions. Maintaining practice currency and ensuring we are delivering the best quality […]

Military Activity Camp (MAC3) Criminogenic Programme Update

Last Monday I had the pleasure of supporting our two intervention workers (Matt and Lawrence) at the graduation of the MAC3 programme at Te Puna Wai youth justice residence near Christchurch. As indicated in last month’s newsletter, HMA was contracted to provide the criminogenic intervention aspect of the programme alongside the military, cultural work, and […]

MAC3 Criminogenic Programme

During October, November and early December, HMA is delivering the criminogenic section of the MAC3 programme for Te Puna Wai (Child, Youth & Family). Our two people working on this project are Lawrence Seinafo and Matt Williams, and we hope this will be the first of many programme deliveries for Youth Offenders.The programme caters for […]

Nature versus nurture – The age old question

We’ve all heard the debate “is it nature or nurture that makes us who we are?”. Research into early brain development has come a long way in the last 10 – 15 years and is now firmly in favour, that it is both nature and nurture that work together to fashion who we are. Our […]

An insight into abusive behaviour

Unlike other offending, family violence incidents are perpetrated by people who are known and loved by the victim. Victims often experience a myriad of conflicting feelings associated with the offence and may have problems with prosecuting someone they love or have had a relationship with. This is especially true when victims and perpetrators have children […]

How to improve your relationship in three minutes a day!

A bold claim you might say. Well it is and it isn’t. If we remember that relationships are fundamentally about connection, then taking the time to bond is the key idea of how to maintain a healthy relationship. All of us will have memories of times when we have not started well in our interaction. […]

Every breath you take” – understanding stalking behaviour

Every breath you take And every move you make Every bond you break, every step you take I’ll be watching you

What makes respondent programmes effective

Garth Baker This report summarises the findings of recent research on intervention programmes for men using domestic violence. Drawing on the latest Canada and the USA evaluations, along with recent New Zealand research, this report recommends what would make your respondent programmes more effective. This is the most up-to-date summary of research and is tailored […]

Shifting practice – thoughts on stopping violence work

Mike Cagney has a long history of working in the area of child protection, family violence and sex offender intervention. Last year Mike addressed the National Network of Stopping Violence services/Te Kupenga whatoti (the net etc) at their AGM and pondered where the field was currently situated within New Zealand and what direction would best […]

Triple P now well established in New Zealand

Suzanne Hall, one of the directors at HMA, has been a trainer for Triple P International for the past three years. In that time Suzanne has delivered Triple P training and accreditation in Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. HMA is fully supportive of the work that Triple P provides in supporting parents, practitioners […]

Internal Affairs Launch Confidential Listening and Assistance Service

The Department of Internal Affairs has launched the Confidential Listening and Assistance Service for people who have been subject to abuse or neglect whilst in state care prior to 1992. The service is intended to provide assistance for people and a forum for their experiences. This service has grown out of the Confidential Forum for […]

Effective Interventions for the Alcohol and Others Drug Sector – Mobile Training

In New Zealand approximately 200,000 people are arrested each year, and a significant number are under the influence of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) at the time of arrest. It is estimated that up to 80% of offenders who appear in court have an AOD problem, and that 83% of prisoners in New Zealand have […]

Assisting Western Australia with Program Implementation

  Wednesday, 28 October 2009 Late last year HMA staff supported the introduction of a 137 hour Medium Intensity Violence Program into Western Australia. Over the past four months we have undertaken a number of additional training assignments to support the work of WA Department of Corrective Services. Ken was back in Perth running a […]

2009 Projects

We often get asked about what HMA is currently doing or has been doing. For those who are interested below is a list of projects we have been involved in during the past six months. Training design projects National Network of Stopping Violence Services/ Relationship Services training programme for new programme facilitators Community Probation and […]

Contributing to best practice for Community Probation and Psychological Services

Criminal justice responses to reducing crime are always challenging issues to get right. In the 2008-2009 financial year Corrections managed 66,635 new community-based sentences and orders. During the same year probation officers and psychologists completed 44,596 pre-sentence and oral reports and 108 psychological reports for courts. These included 5595 parole assessment reports, 1095 psychological reports for […]

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