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Engaging with young people who use DFV 

Increasing attention is being directed at youth domestic and family violence. A significant amount of violence against parents goes unreported to formal systems (Police, Youth Justice). We also know that […]

What our young boys / men are subjected to

Forty years ago, I joined a number of projects that worked with the restraints that gendered restrictions placed on boys and men, and how these flowed through to behaviour towards […]

On the road again – Our focus on Youth DFV

    It was with some trepidation that I got on a plane and headed from New Zealand to Australia. The last time I travelled out of New Zealand was […]

HMA 2018 Round-Up

We have had a fantastic year. Heartfelt thanks go to the agencies and organisation that have placed trust in HMA to work with their staff. From large delivery and design […]

Men and boys do have a place in violence prevention

“Engaging boys and men to prevent violence against women has been identified internationally as one of the top 20 ‘practice innovations’ in violence and injury prevention during the last 20 years. Violence […]

Reducing recidivism rates among young offenders

Current literature around young offenders and recidivism rates has shown that in NZ there is a core group of young offenders that continue to reoffend despite going through the youth […]

Youth Offending Programmes – what really does work

The Christchurch Press recently lead with a story about how the controversial ‘Boot Camp’ for New Zealand’s worst young offenders should be scrapped, after new figures showed a high reoffending […]

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