100 Feeling Faces

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Vulnerable, Scared, Worried, Trapped, Wild, Relaxed, Fragile, Mad, Bored, Low, Depressed, Annoyed, Puzzled, Hopeful, Afraid, Loud, Run Down, Sad, Defenceless, Turned On, Good, Happy, Shy, Lazy, Horrified, Confused, Fantastic, Awkward, Relieved, Insecure, Calm, Exhausted, Frightened, Nervous, Ashamed, Crazy, Quiet, Weak, Content, Tired, Brave, Mixed Up, Anxious, Lonely, Unsure, Angry, Pleased, Frustrated, Irritated, Furious, Powerful, Panicky, Hurt, Impotent, Guilty, Secure, Pissed Off, Down, Envious, Dazed, Powerless, Timid, Embarassed, Solid,Open,Fearful,Resentful,Gloomy, Proud, Lost, Shaky, Energetic, Impatient, Angry, Surprised, Terrified,Healthy, Friendly, Wonderful,Hopeless, Sick, Tense, Unhappy, Sorry, Upset, Tough, Positive, Loving, Helpless, Jumpy, Inadequate, Aggressive, Fed Up, Confident, Determined, Excited,Mean,Useless,Overwhlemed, Miserable, Stuck

Assisting clients to become emotionally literate is a core aspect of many interventions.
100 Feeling Faces allows clients to build the language of emotions through regularly considering their mood states and learning how these underpin behaviour.


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