Critical Social Work

Author: Edited June Allan, Bob Pease and Linda Briskman
Published: 2003
Publisher: Allen & Unwin Australia
ISBN: 1865089079
RRP (NZ): $52.95




This introduction to critical social work offers a systematic overview of core theories and practice issues in challenging domination and oppression. The authors argue that a central goal of social work practice is social change to redress social inequality. Taking a critical theoretical approach that incorporates postmodern, feminist, structural and postcolonial perspectives, they explore the links between personal and social change. While many critical social work educators argue that we need to draw upon both modernist and postmodern appropriations of critical theory, this is the first book to explore the tensions and contradictions in adopting this dual perspective.The causes of people’s marginalisation and oppression are examined in relation to class, race, ethnicity, gender and other forms of social inequality. Case study chapters explore theory and practice issues in working with immigrants, Indigenous people, women, men, families, people with psychiatric disabilities and those experiencing loss and grief. The authors confront the challenges for critical social work in the context of pressures to separate the personal from the political and in responding to the impact of changes in the socio-political, statutory and global contexts of practice.Critical Social Work provides an essential resource for teaching critical approaches to practice and is a valuable introduction for practitioners in the human services who are working with marginalised and oppressed populations.


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