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HMA Values Cards (English version)

Author: HMA
Published: 2017



HMA Values Cards

Our values are what we hold as precious or important to us. They are an internal reference point for what we believe is good, right and important. They influence our attitudes and behaviour and guide our approach to life and relationships, and in a way are like a compass that can keep us on course. Mostly we act in accordance with our values, but often our values are compromised by circumstances or events and we do things that don’t feel right. When we do things that are at odds with our values, we feel uncomfortable, and this in turn can cause stress, anxiety and depression.

Being able to align our lives with our values helps us make important decisions and feel grounded and focused. It inevitably leads to more happiness, achievement and contentment. The HMA Values Cards can assist individuals, groups, and teams to explore what is truly important in life and inspire positive changes. The cards also assist in uncovering core values that which can then be used to pose questions for contemplation and discussion.

Each boxed set of HMA Values Cards includes:

  • 88 Values Cards (card size: 55 x 85mm)
    • 83 Values (in English)
    • 2 ‘Other value’ cards that can be used for additional values
    • 3 Importance cards (Very important, important, and not important to me)
  • Sturdy 2 piece plastic box


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