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RAQ Family Violence Awareness Training

Family violence has emerged from behind closed doors since the second wave of feminism during the 1970’s. Family violence now accounts for around of 40% of policing time, is prevalent across the population and often follows intergenerational patterns. In this course you will work through a number of ideas, a range of perspectives in how we understand family violence, and develop understanding of what is like for women and children living in situations of fear.

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Family Violence Awareness Training (New Zealand)

What happens at home can affect what happens at work.

While family violence may not at first appear to be a workplace issue, there is now international evidence that those with a history of family violence have a more disrupted work history, are consequently on lower personal incomes, have had to change jobs more often and are employed at higher levels in casual and part-time work than those with no experience of violence.

In this course you will work through a number of key themes aimed at 1) increasing your understanding of the often perplexing issue of family violence, 2) teaching you how to recognise when family violence may be occurring, and 3) teaching you some basic skills about how you can appropriately respond to family violence issues within the workplace.

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