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What we do

Family Violence

Family violence has emerged from behind closed doors and is now recognised as one of the major issues facing families. It cuts across class, ethnicity and place and time.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a particular way to help people recognise and do something about their current and/or potential problems.

Supervision, Coaching & Mentoring Workshops

Our journey in this area has taught us that there is often a high degree of training waste between workshop experiences and deploying these ideas and practice.

Behaviour Change Programmes

Our work in this space is based upon ensuring whatever we do in the room walks out the door into behaviour change back in the workplace.

Enhancing Staff Performance

HMA emerged out of repeated requests to provide training for staff working in family violence, sexual violence and offender group work.

Online Learning

HMA is committed to enhancing the skills of practitioners using a mix of practical ideas and evidenced based knowledge to support them in their work.