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Enhancing Staff Performance

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I now better understand the work that others do, and will know when to consult with, or refer matters to, them. I now feel that I am better protected against being manipulated by prisoners. I also have a better understanding of the pathways that prisoners can take through the system and will be able to speak more knowledgably to them when discussing their future options.

– Queensland Corrective Services –

We know how hard it is to work on the front line. We have and continue to occupy that space. HMA emerged out of repeated requests to provide training for staff working in family violence, sexual violence and offender group work. We are passionate about having skilled people working in behaviour change, because like you and I know the costs that problem behaviour has on the person themselves and those around them is often significant.

At HMA we take learning transfer seriously. Our experience of more traditional approaches to learning and development is that significant training waste occurs, that is, what people take away is often limited. With most organisations are operating in a much leaner environment they cannot afford the costs of learning and development that goes nowhere. We continue to learn a lot about learning transfer to ensure that when workers need the skills they can retrieve these quickly depending upon the context they are working in (clinical or learning and development situations). This includes often a lot of front-end online knowledge enhancement and follow-up (reminder systems).

Our work in this space is based upon ensuring whatever we do in the room or online transfers to  behaviour change back in the workplace. Skill rehearsal and application are a core aspect of any of our workshops/e-learning course otherwise there is a risk of training scrap/waste.

Why is this important to us

A significant amount of our work currently is delivered through blended solutions. We are of the view that front loading knowledge and creating motivation for learning as a first step in the process. Unless we have buy in from staff than any workshop or learning event becomes an expensive cost to an organisation.

We use a range of delivery methods including e-learning, and room, follow-up, webinars, and mentor training for workplace coaches. Link to case studies

Our track record

HMA has had a long association with various Corrective Services, Youth Justice Services and community stopping violence service throughout New Zealand and Australia. Our experience base is built out of the development and design of stopping violence programmes, sex offender interventions and also change programmes for adults and young people within justice environments. Of particular note we are particularly interested in programme design, training and implementation issues and how these contribute to learning transfer which aids desistance to further offending.

HMA has successfully managed and/or contributed to a number of pieces of work for the organisations within New Zealand and Australia including: