Disrupting Family Violence Onboarding Masterclass



Join leading expert Ken McMaster for this four-module, 25-hour online masterclass where you will identify key intervention areas to drive better engagement and outcomes for participants in behaviour change programs. Download a course outline here.



Module One: 16TH MAY, 9:00AM – 4:30PM AEST

Module Two: 17TH MAY, 9:00AM – 4:30PM AEST

Module Three: 23RD MAY, 9:00AM – 4:30PM AEST

Module Four: 24TH MAY, 9:00AM – 4:30PM AEST



This in-depth, interactive online Masterclass will give you:


  • An understanding of the role of trauma in DFV

  • How to bring the voice of those impacted by DFV into the therapeutic conversation 

  • Explore core beliefs that drive abusive thinking/behaviour and demonstrate strategies that promote family well-being

  • Identify and practice key intervention areas related to emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and communication skills

  • Skills to respond to and shift distortions in thinking that support DFV

  • This program meets the Queensland State requirement for MBC Facilitation Competency (25 hours)


The world of domestic and family violence intervention has changed significantly during the past ten years.

Psycho-education approaches have shown disappointing results in disrupting harmful behaviour within intimate relationships. The risk of not getting intervention right is that abusive and harmful behaviour is likely to continue either in the current or next relationship.

Effective interventions to disrupt intimate and family violence require skilled workers to be able to assess the drivers for abusive behaviours, target acute risk factors, and identify key intervention points that can build strategies to support long-term behaviour change.  

Drawing from 40 years of research and in-room experience of what can make the difference, this program will support facilitators to run focussed intervention programs to disrupt harmful behaviour.


Effective programs aimed at disrupting domestic and family violence involve:


  • Embed into the design and deliver from a risk framework

  • Ensure the voice of those impacted is woven into the program delivery

  • Understand the role that early life trauma plays in adult use of DFV

  • Equip group members with a range of ‘time-in’ skills for relationships


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