How to use Motivational Interviewing in Working with Family Violence

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Join leading expert Ken McMaster for this in-depth, interactive masterclass where you will learn how to use Motivational Interviewing to drive better engagement and outcomes for participants in Behaviour Change Programs.



Module One: 4TH MAY, 11:00AM – 15:00PM AEST

Module Two: 5TH MAY, 11:00AM – 15:00PM AEST

Module Three: 6TH MAY, 11:00AM – 15:00PM AEST


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Featuring a unique blended-learning approach, this masterclass will give you:


  • An understanding of how to work with ambivalence in people who are mandated to programs

  • The knowledge & tools to implement different strategies that will enhance engagement & retention in interventions and why this is important from a risk perspective

  • An ability to identify concrete change goals that relate to family wellbeing & family safety

  • How to respond to discord when it emerges in the work

  • The skills to turn the volume up on change talk that is applicable to family violence

  • Opportunities for an in-depth discussion on workshop topics with your peers and host, Ken McMaster

  • Access to an exclusive eLearn and book on Motivational Interviewing and working with Family Violence


Ever had participants in your program doing time rather than behaviour change?

Ever had someone who is still ambivalent about whether violence is a serious issue in their families? Ever felt that someone had just not done the work of creating family safety? If you work with participants of men’s behaviour change programs and relate to the statements above, this masterclass is for you.

Many participants come to the experience of intervention programs with feelings of ambivalence and it is the role of the worker to support the person to resolve this ambivalence in order to work in a direction that promotes family wellbeing.

Program retention has been associated with better outcomes. This makes sense. Once a participant is engaged in understanding the drivers for behaviour, they become invested and interested in the outcomes. They will then use the program experience more effectively.


Men who received motivational interviewing-based intake who went on to attend a men’s behaviour change program demonstrated:


  • More constructive behaviours in the early stage of treatment

  • Higher working alliance ratings in later stages of treatment

  • Greater compliance with homework assignments

  • More outside help-seeking

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