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The online course is interesting and thought provoking, the strategies covered could be used in the community, with family and friends, and with colleagues too.

– Queensland Corrections staff member –

HMA is committed to enhancing the skills of practitioners using a mix of practical ideas and evidenced based knowledge to support them in their work. We value education and learning as a way of providing direction to our work. At the end of the day the quality of the work we all do impacts on the lives of people we work with. It also makes us proud that our efforts are worthwhile.

Our learning and development model has changed over recent years to take advantage of a wide range of online design and delivery tools that are now available. It also allows us to reach a larger group of professionals working in the human services space. For specialist organisations like HMA it builds upon our existing deep expertise in programme design and content generation.


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Our learning management system (LMS) Totara:


Totara LMS

Totara is a platform that allows for an extremely learner-centric design. HMA clients now enjoy very interactive and personalised online learning experiences for their staff. Anyone using Totara with HMA can expect easy to use intuitive navigation in addition to excellent responsive support.


Blended Learning Solutions

The learning solutions HMA are designing and delivering today are predominantly blended, meaning they are a mix of both online learning and more traditional ‘in-room’ learning. Totara LMS supports a blended structure very well, by utilising pre-work eLearning-based modules that learners complete remotely prior to attending face-to-face practical skill based training sessions.


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Family Violence Awareness Training

Family violence has emerged from behind closed doors since the second wave of feminism during the 1970’s. Family violence now accounts for around of 40% of policing time, is prevalent across the population and often follows intergenerational patterns. In this course you will work through a number of ideas, a range of perspectives in how we understand family violence, and develop understanding of what is like for women and children living in situations of fear.

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Motivational Interviewing – Foundational Skills Course

Motivational Interviewing is now recognised as a core approach to client intervention. It is universally accepted that without intrinsic motivation, that is motivation that comes from the client themselves, little will change in the long term. Therefore to encourage positive change and reduce problem behaviour, working to evoke change talk has become a critical skill for key workers.

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Motivational Interviewing – Helping Prisoners Change

It’s universally accepted that without motivation that comes from the prisoner themselves, little will change in the long term. That’s where MI, now recognised as a core approach to prisoner intervention, comes in. By using a respectful approach and being mindful of eliciting ‘change talk’ where possible, reducing problem behaviours and encouraging positive change will become more manageable over time. Sounds nice right?

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Parole Board Online Training Program

This e-learning package is designed for parole board staff and covers various aspects of supporting the parole board in its role of deciding on prisoner release back into the community. The outcome of the package is to support other internal information and ensure that staff have greater understanding around the areas related to parole board administration.
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