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Programme Suite

Online, In-room, and Blended learning solutions

Any time I know that I’ll be attending an HMA training or completing an online module developed by HMA I feel a sense of relief. Life is too short for boring training’s that don’t result in anything changing. With HMA you know your getting quality content delivered in a way that meets the needs of learners.

– Corrections New Zealand Staff –

Utilising a deep expertise in programme design and content generation HMA offers a range of online, in-room and blended learning solutions for a range of organisations and individuals.

Take a look at our programme suite by downloading our catalogue here and/or taking a look at both our online and in-room programmes below. Where applicable you can click on a specific programme to find out more about it. If this isn’t an option please contact us to find out more.

Our online training programmes

Our online training programmes are created using standard LMS (Learning Management System) features and/or Articulate 360 (e-learning course development software). An LMS based course is a more traditional style of e-Learning course, where a 360 based course functions more like a website and is often rich in media and other interactive functions.

Motivational Interviewing

Family Violence

Group Work and Facilitation

Our in-room training programmes and packages

Our in-room training programmes, in most cases, include several components common to in-room training packages. These components include facilitator guides, theory manuals, practice manuals, programme tool-kits, worksheets, participants resources, posters, card sets, media, and where applicable assessment manuals and booklets and video tutorials on how to run/make sense of programme material.

Motivational Interviewing

Intervention Programmes

Family Violence

Workforce Development