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Assessing Men for Family Violence Interventions

Quality Engagement – Accurate Information Gathering – Better Outcomes



“The way this course is put together makes it a highly accessible and practical tool for anyone wanting to engage with clients more effectively, gather the most relevant information, and ultimately attain better outcomes. The integration of motivational techniques was also particularly useful.”


This course is for core staff who seek to achieve quality engagement, accurate information gathering, and better outcomes during their assessments. It provides a great opportunity for staff to integrate and advance what they already know about assessment and combine it with the latest assessment techniques and approaches, Motivational Interviewing skills, and research on what really contributes to better outcomes for clients.

Within this course staff will navigate their way through nine interactive video based assessment sequences, including 1) Engagement; 2) Agenda mapping; 3) Pathway mapping; 4) Re-engaging; 5) Personal resilience; 6) Offence mapping; 7) Offence map recap; 8) Cost benefit analysis, and; 9) Wrapping up (using summaries).


What the course covers

This course covers nine key areas of assessment, including:

  1. Engagement – building rapport and positively engaging clients
  2. Agenda mapping – establishing a direction and focussing on what really matters
  3. Pathway mapping – establishing goals and ideals for the future
  4. Re-engaging – establishing connection and reviewing progress
  5. Personal resilience – identifying strengths and strategies
  6. Offence mapping – identifying thoughts, feelings and behaviours related to offending
  7. Offence map recap – making sense of behaviour
  8. Cost benefit analysis – weighing up the benefits of change
  9. Summary – building accountability and establishing next steps


By the end of the course learners will be able to:




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