Group Work with those who Offend Training 

An interactive and engaging online Group Work course for Key Workers



“This course really got me thinking about what it would be like being in a group that I run, and as a result got me thinking about the participant experience in more detail. What I discovered is that my approach isn’t always the most effective and that there are many other ways in which I can work to ensure participants achieve the desired outcome


Offender group work is different from other forms of group interventions. The key purposes are to assist in developing a pro-social identity, shifting cognitive distortions and schema that support offending, and to rebuild empathic relationships with others. It is also important, especially in offender focussed group work, that we match offender needs (criminogenic needs) to the content of  interventions all while making group work come alive for  participants.

Within this course staff will navigate their way through six sections including 1) Group work with offenders, 2) Working with adults, 3) Therapeutic group work, 4) Peak facilitation skills, 5) Co-facilitation practice, and 6) Managing learning challenges. By utilising a range of readings, exercises and activities and quizzes, staff are kept interested and engaged and are not only encouraged to reflect on their progress, but also to consider how what they have learnt applies within real settings and how it can be actioned at the next available opportunity.


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What the course covers


By the end of the course learners will be able to:




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