Family Violence Awareness Training

An interactive and engaging online course for frontline staff



“This way this course is put together makes it a highly accessible and practical tool for anyone wanting to become more aware of family violence and learn about what they can do to help.”


Increase your staff’s awareness of family violence and have them learn about what they can do to help! Would you like your staff to know the real costs of family violence, learn about its effects and get some answers to the perplexing question… “Why doesn’t she just leave?” This course provides staff with the information they need to make better sense of the complex nature of family violence, and gives them the tools and resources they need to make a difference. Increase awareness of this confronting issue and have staff become advocates for those who need help the most.

Within this course staff will navigate their way through four distinct sections including 1) An introduction to family violence including its prevalence, its costs and its causes; 2) Definitions and comparisons to other offending; 3) The victims and associated impacts of family violence, and importantly; 4) How to safely identify, manage and respond to family violence within the workplace and beyond. By utilising over 30 minutes of media, various exercises and activities, and regular challenges and quizzes, staff are kept interested and engaged and are not only encouraged to reflect on their progress, but are also provided with opportunities to apply their new skills in real settings.

This course is available in both a New Zealand version and an Australian version.


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What the course covers


By the end of the course staff will be able to:




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