Family Violence Foundational Course Series

An interactive and engaging four-part online course series for frontline staff



“This way this course is put together makes it a highly accessible and practical tool for anyone wanting to become more aware of family violence and learn about what they can do to help.”


This four-module LMS based course is for staff wanting to understand the many different facets of family violence and upskill in a variety of areas relevant to the family violence field. Staff will also learn to better understand and manage family violence risk and the various practice approaches that underpin risk in a family violence context.


What the course covers

This four-part LMS based course series covers four key areas including:

  1. Are We Ready to Have the Conversation?
  2. Working in the Family Violence Field
  3. Understanding and Managing Family Violence Risk
  4. Practice Approaches that Underpin Risk.

A more detailed description of each module is included below.


1. Are We Ready to Have the Conversation? (Approx. 1 hr seat time)

Family violence has emerged out from behind closed doors since the second wave of feminism during the 1970s. It now accounts for around of 40% of policing time, is prevalent across the population and often follows intergenerational patterns. In this module staff will work through a number of ideas, a range of perspectives in how we understand family violence, and develop
understanding of what it is like for women and children living in situations of fear.

By the end of this module staff will be able to:

2. Working in the Family Violence Field (Approx. 1 hr seat time)

Working in the field of family violence intervention can be challenging. We are often working with situations that engender reactions in us around the behaviour of the men presenting. Being well prepared for the encounter with men and inviting them to take a position of resistance against dominant discourses around men’s violence to women and children is at the heart of intervention. In this module you will explore a number of practice approaches that have been found to be effective.

By the end of this module staff will be able to:

3. Understanding and Managing Family Violence Risk (Approx. 2 hrs seat time)

This module covers the core approaches to understanding and managing risk in men who are abusive and violent within their families. Assessing risk at the beginning of an intervention, understanding how it fluctuates, and ensuring there are ways to manage and mitigate risk, are important components of safe practice. What makes this all the more important in family violence cases is that many men in programmes will be engaging in ongoing contact with family members (either living in the same household or managing access/custody issues).

By the end of this module staff will be able to:

4. Practice Approaches that Underpin Risk (Approx. 1.5 hrs seat time)

Current theory includes a range of approaches that have been shown to be effective in reducing and stopping family violence. A one-size fits all perspective is unlikely to meet the diverse needs
of those seeking intervention. In this module we will cover the theories from a practical perspective in how they work and how they connect to work with clients.

By the end of this module staff will be able to:




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