Motivate me to Learn!

Your first step to learning anything new



“The way this course is put together makes it super easy and enjoyable to work through. The information is short and to the point and it’s great having a practical resource to use during the course, and to refer to once you’ve finished. It’s definitely given me the motivation I needed to start several key projects”


There’s often a big difference between staff knowing what they need to do, and actually doing it. The ‘doing’ part often requires high levels of motivation, which is an area a lot of staff struggle with. That’s where Motivate Me To Learn comes in. This short course is designed to motivate staff prior to any kind of course, programme, or professional development endeavour, or for that matter, any kind of change at all. The entire course is based around an interactive infographic that staff will work through and fill in, in seven easy steps.


What the course covers

This course covers the seven key areas of effective motivation generation and goal setting, including:

  1. My What – get specific about exactly what it is that you want to do, learn or change
  2. My Mission – get clear on what it is that you intend to do
  3. My Anti-mission – actively avoid behaviours that will likely cause you to fail, by getting clear on what not to do
  4. My Why – a strong reason why you want to change = a strong chance of success, so what’s you why?
  5. My How-to – identify the steps you’ll need to take
  6. My How-not-to – identify the things that could get in your way
  7. Emergency strategies – pre-empt a drop in motivation and prepare for it with an emergency strategy


By the end of the course learners will be able to:




Licencing options

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What does my license cover?

For large workplaces the packages can also be loaded onto the organisations own LMS as it is a SCORM compliant package.
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