Motivational Interviewing Foundational Course Series

An interactive and engaging online MI course for Key Workers



“This course compliments the existing skills I have and has provided me with the ability to better support the men and women I work with. I completed this course feeling so enthusiastic about the possibilities… I’ve already applied the new skills to my practice. Thank you”


The Motivational Interviewing eLearn course series provides staff with the full scope of Motivational Interviewing (MI) skills needed to skilfully and successfully guide clients through the change process. Over the course of six interactive modules, covering 1) An Introduction to MI; 2) Spirit of MI; 3) OARS Skills; 4) Change and Sustain Talk; 5) Four Processes; and 6) Change Strategies, staff are introduced to the underlying principles, tools, techniques, and strategies of MI, and are challenged to put these new skills to use within their practice.

By utilising over 2.5 hrs of media, various exercises and activities, and regular challenges and quizzes, staff are kept interested and engaged and are not only encouraged to reflect on their progress, but are also provided with opportunities to apply their new skills in real settings. An optional pre- and post-assessment and companion workbook allows staff to track their progress, and our innovative email follow up system supports ongoing learning transfer for six months after the completion of the course.


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What the course series covers


By the end of the course learners will be able to:


Who is already using this e-Learning course?

There are several organisations successfully implementing this eLearning course series both within Australia and New Zealand. Current clients include:




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What does my license cover?

For large workplaces the packages can also be loaded onto the organisations own LMS as it is a SCORM compliant package.
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