The 100 Day Manager

The essential interactive and engaging online course for new and existing managers



“I found myself thinking hard about my particular management style. I was able to clearly identify my personal values and how that flows on to my personal brand. The modules around relationships and managing performance give great guidelines.  I would recommend this course to anyone starting out on their management journey.” – Nina Hostel Manager, YWCA Auckland


The 100 Day Manager eLearn course is directed at new managers who are in the first three or four months of their roles, and existing managers  who would like to brush up on their skills. Over the course of four interactive modules, covering 1) Managing your personal brand, 2) Managing you work based relationships, 3) Managing your time, and 4) Managing your teams performance, participants will leave feeling and increased confidence, authenticity and clarity in their management skills.

By utilising over 75 minutes of media, various exercises and activities, and regular challenges and quizzes, participants are kept interested and engaged and are not only encouraged to reflect on their progress, but are also provided with opportunities to apply their new skills in real settings. The Managers Notes (companion workbook) allows participants to track their progress, and to record and reflect on, all of the specific actions and tasks they implement throughout the course.


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What the course covers

This course covers four key areas including:

  1. Managing your personal brand – Examine your values, how you manage emotions and how you can develop your own personal brand of leadership
  2. Managing your work based relationships – Identify key relationships and learn how to cultivate them effectively
  3. Managing your time – Prioritise and make the most of your time without feeling pressured, and examine the role self-care plays in effective management
  4. Managing team performance – Effectively manage others’ performance, positively engage in difficult conversations, and excel in collaborative conversations


By the end of the course learners can expect to accomplish:




Licencing options

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What does my license cover?

For large workplaces the packages can also be loaded onto the organisations own LMS as it is a SCORM compliant package.
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