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Supervision, Coaching & Mentoring Workshops

The facilitation of this workshop was of a high standard and conveyed the material in an interesting and inspiring way. I couldn’t fault it.

– New Zealand Corrections Staff –

Our journey in this area has taught us that there is often a high degree of training waste between workshop experiences and deploying these ideas and practice. Learning and development is about equipping practitioners with skills that they can draw upon in the moment when working with people around behaviour change. We have found that mentoring is one of the best ways to get learning transfer, that is, to make what happens in a workshop or learning context really stuck in the workplace.

Mentoring is a very old concept in a new guise. It is thought to be traced back to Greek mythology when Odysseus entrusted his son Telemachus to the Goddess Athena, who disguised herself in human form as Mentor, an old friend of Odysseus. Her role, according to Homer, was to act as a wise counsellor and helper to the youth.

Mentoring then became very common practice in the time of guilds and trade apprenticeships when young people, having acquired technical skills, often benefited from the patronage of more experience and established professionals. The expression we often use today is ‘taking someone under our wing’.

Why is this important to us

At HMA we have always appreciated the generosity of those individuals who have taken us under their wing and mentor to us around best practice. In return we are committed to paying forward that experience to others. To that end a significant amount of HMA work is dedicated to supporting the supporters of those engaged in behaviour change. We know that there is no shortcut to experience. We also know that having people on our team who have an interest in us maintaining practice that is both ethical and maintains integrity, helps us to grow as clinicians.

Our track record

HMA has successfully managed and/or contributed to a number of pieces of work in the area of supervision, coaching and mentoring for the organisations within New Zealand and Australia including: